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Located above Hailam Kopitiam in Bukit Jalil, you might be surprised to know that the HealthLand outlet there is their Women Wellness Spa.

Previously HealthLand’s premier outlet, it has been recently renovated and redesigned with women’s health and well-being in mind.

To that end, HealthLand brought in the big guns to work on this outlet. Visiting the outlet ourselves, we spoke to Linda Krishnan who has been in the spa industry for 15 years. She has a background in spa training and operations for 5 star resorts in Malaysia and in other countries, like India.

“We are bringing a (destination) resort spa right smack into the city, so everybody gets a chance to enjoy what is given at the resort spas,” she shared when asked about the inspiration behind this Women Wellness spa outlet. 

This outlet’s main focus is on authentic Siamese massages and modern beauty treatments for women that use natural, organic, and non-toxic ingredients.

The rates and services differ compared to the other HealthLand outlets since the treatments are more curated and the products used are higher end too.

For example, Linda pointed out that the Four Hands Body Massage, which is unique to the Women Wellness Spa, involves having two pairs of trained hands to balance out the pressure and target the pressure points.

From my conversation with Linda, I learnt that there are 3 main pillars that the Women Wellness Spa by HealthLand stands by: Security, Ambience, Signature.

Security, because this is primarily a women’s-only centre, but with the exception of male guests who are accompanied by a female partner (but even this is very limited because they only have one couple’s room). 

Ambience, because the interior design of this centre was inspired by destination spas and personalised as such.

Signature, because the massage and facial treatments were specifically curated from resort spas and are now part of this spa’s menu, such as the Black Mineral Body Exfoliation & Silky Coconut Polish, and the Healing Siamese Herbal Ball Body Therapy.

Having tried out their Rejuvenating Body Massage, there is no doubt that the masseuse’s techniques and massage intuition is spot on. The Ancient Healing Siamese Herbal Ball Compress did wonders to undo stiff muscles and tight knots.

While this is a step for HealthLand towards creating a women’s centred spa, I dare say there are still gaps to fill in order to fully embrace and embody the women’s wellness aspect. 

There are women-specific massages such as their Signature Uterus Massage, but honestly I was hoping also for treatments that are catered to distinctive physical problems that women would face.

Perhaps a massage for those who experience muscle fatigue and migraines during the time of the month, to relax the tension and tightness due to cramps?

Or a leg massage that’s precisely made to rub and ease the calves, ankles and hip flexors of ladies who wear 4 to 5 inch heels on the daily?

There are of course massage movements that put pressure on the abdomen and parts of the legs, but I’m raising the bar by expecting treatments that are highly specialised and marketed as such.

Putra Al-Matin, the Project Manager of this new concept from HealthLand, did assure that this is something that they are testing out and it’s still early days yet. So there is much to look forward to as they continue to iron out, improve, and customise their services and offerings further.

If you’re curious to try their women wellness treatments, you can book an appointment here.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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