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Previously, we covered the rise of NFT events happening in KL, with borders now opened and restrictions for gatherings fully lifted.

With that, we attended an exclusive NFT event ourselves, held by NFT Pangolin and Miss Universe Malaysia Organization (MUMO).

Vote with an NFT

Image Credit: Vulcan Post

The NFT event held on May 19 at the Vogue Lounge was entitled Crypto Kingz & Beauty Queenz, calling out to those who, as the invitation put it, “Like Crypto and Beautiful Women”. 

It’s a collaboration between NFT Pangolin and MUMO to release a series of NFTs which were split into three collections:

  • The Universe Collection
  • The Competition Collection
  • 8SIAN‘s Queen Collection

The Universe Collection was revealed at the event, where the NFTs were essentially portraits of the 15 Miss Universe Malaysia finalists. They also carried a utility function: a voting mechanism. 

It’s where each NFT sale of the Universe Collection via NFT Pangolin would account for five votes. The bids for MUMO’s other series, an auction-only Competition Collection, would also translate into votes, a process that you can learn more about here.

10K Universe Collection NFTs are available for each contestant, and each NFT is priced at 1 ZTX (RM20). ZXT is the currency used on Zetrix, which is the blockchain powering the minting of NFTs on NFT Pangolin.

Contestants showcasing the Universe Collection NFTs / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Being our first in-person NFT event, we were pretty excited to see what would happen. Admittedly, our opinion piece on the event here summed up our main thoughts, but we’d still like to commend the Malaysian team for bringing to light a new use case for NFTs locally.

Same day at another location

At Tun M’s office on May 19, Malaysian NFT creators including RoachPunks, BadApeNFT, and a few others were invited to spend “Sepetang Bersama Tun M” (an afternoon with Tun M). 

RoachPunks told Vulcan Post that they were invited to Tun M’s office to share the goals and missions for Malaysian-based NFT marketplace Pentas.io in becoming one of the leading marketplaces in the world. Throughout the two-hour session, the team discussed matters related to Web3 and NFTs with the MP of Langkawi.

It appears that Tun M even signed RoachPunks’ NFT named, “The Historical Masterpiece” which was made in the likeness of the former prime minister, and it is now being minted on Pentas.io for 0.05 BNB. (RM72 at the time of writing). 

RoachPunks themselves is a known creator in the Malaysian NFT community and frequently hosts IRL events to connect, refresh, and foster the community as a whole.

You’ve heard of play-to-earn, so, introducing: dine-to-earn

We’ve previously covered the stories of fast-food joints like MyeongDong Topokki and KFC releasing their own NFTs. 

Perhaps it came from their teams’ genuine interest in NFTs, or it was their way of jumping on trends to stay relevant. 

More than hype though, NFTs carry utility functions as well which we feel have been underutilised in Malaysia. But AD Butcher & Steak, a family-oriented steakhouse in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam demonstrates how it can be done.

The brand’s NFTs resemble the menu items / Image Credit: AD Butcher & Steak

The F&B outlet partnered with local NFT artists (including RoachPunks) to mint their NFTs that function as loyalty programmes. 

With a “dine-to-earn” concept, AD Butcher & Steak’s NFTs function as a rewards system. That means, when you dine in, you get an NFT.

To claim AD Butcher & Steak’s complimentary NFTs, customers must dine-in, create a MetaMask, scan a QR code, and paste the wallet address into the submission form. A random piece of NFT will be airdropped to the user within 24 hours.

As the NFTs function as a loyalty programme, there are a total of eight NFTs to collect. The more you ascend the loyalty ladder, the more perks will be unlocked.

This collection cannot be bought from AD Butcher & Steak directly. Instead, it can be collected by repetitive visits to the restaurant.

Otherwise, individuals can also purchase the other NFTs from other customers on Pentas.io to reach their desired tiers and redeem their rewards. Read more about the experiences the restaurant offers here.

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Featured Image Credit: RoachPunks / Vulcan Post / AD Butcher & Steak

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