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Picture this: a poker chip that allows you to turn your favourite set of headphones into a Bluetooth-enabled set of headphones.

Instead of being a piece of plastic you’ll gamble away in a series of bad decisions you’ll regret the next morning (why am I sleeping on the street?), ClipR allows you to turn any device with a 3.5mm jack cable into a Bluetooth and near-field communication (NFC) device.

Why would you want to pair with one audio device when you can effortlessly stream the content of six?clipr4

MuseMini has announced ClipR, a circular transceiver in the form of a lightweight, rubber polymer-coated disc that allows you to connect your 3.5mm jack headphones with more Bluetooth devices than you could shake a stick at. Even if you want to use that cheap pair of Bluetooth earbuds you never thought you’d get any use out of (hey, that was a gift!).


Engineered to produce high-quality sound transmission to any output, you simply plug your headphones into ClipR and control it with its three multifunctional buttons. Switch tracks, adjust volume, and pair devices with no more effort than clicking a mouse button.

There’s no companion app you’re required to download – just press play. The barely-there-lighter-than-air device is weightless enough to clip to your workout top while you hit the gym, yet its splash-proof, durable nature is sturdy enough should you decide to take up snowboarding.clipr3

Packing a punch with 8 hours of playtime on a single charge, the 4.12cm diameter device even lets you answer and respond to phone calls: ClipR is equipped with a built-in noise cancelling microphone so your conversation can remain hands-free. Don’t feel like talking? Press and hold a button for three seconds to send the caller to voice mail. ClipR claims to perform its cord-defying magic without compromising sound quality, a big claim for a little device since Bluetooth-streamed music is very often reduced to static and prone to skipping.

While hardcore audiophiles may not delight as much as the rest of us in ClipR’s New York Times-endorsed “astonishingly good” sound quality, a USD$40 (~SGD$50) price tag may change their minds. The ClipR is now available here in 5 colours, and includes a tiny microUSB charging cable and short audio connector cable.

Will you be bringing your headphones or earbuds to the next level?

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