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The Suunto 5 Peak that rolled out early this year seems to come with a significant design makeover. 

It’s supposedly a great training watch, and runners, in particular, might find this appealing due to how lightweight it is. The Suunto 5 Peak also comes with excellent mapping and navigation tools.

Strapping on the Suunto 5 Peak in Ridge Sand, we took it for a spin ourselves on a day out at Putrajaya Wetlands Park. Here’s what we liked.

Lightweight and fits small wrists

Suunto watches we’re familiar with are usually large and bulky. But this smartwatch weighs only 39g, and its strap is measured at 22mm in width, fitting wrist sizes between 120mm-200mm. 

There are belt adjustment holes that go up all the way to the top of the watch’s strap, making it suitable for even those with tiny wrists.

To release the buckles of the strap, there’s a seatbelt-like trigger button you can push on the watch.

The design of the Suunto 5 Peak is pretty sleek looking, making it a complementary accessory to the wearer. You can also choose between six different strap colours sold by the brand.

Your fitness buddy

With over 80 pre-installed sports modes, it can keep track of your fitness progress in real-time and the data will be synced into the app. 

We tested the rollerblading mode featured on the watch, and the app showed us details like our speed, calories burnt, how we were feeling through an emoji, and even our trail pattern. 

In addition, the watch can record your heart rate, stress recovery, steps, training activities, sleep cycle, and fitness levels.

A great app to keep track of your workouts

In the Suunto app, you’re able to see all of your activities in detail throughout the week, month and year, just like a diary.

Through its Heatmap, you can find popular routes taken by other Suunto users around your location, shown by the red lines highlighted on the map. This feature allows you to look back on where you’ve covered before, and plan ahead for your next route.

The app can update its software seamlessly, and if your watch is connected to the app, the updates will be downloaded automatically into the watch.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, SuuntoPlus offers new features for training and exploring regularly. It includes Burner, Climb, Ghost runner, Safe, and more.

The lack of touchscreen abilities may be a hindrance

Despite its RM1,499 price tag, the Suunto 5 Peak’s smartwatch display isn’t touched enabled. It works more like an old-school digital watch, and there are five buttons positioned around the bezel.

There’s no brightness setting either, so it may be difficult to view what’s on the screen in a bright setting.

What we’ve mentioned are just a few of the many features found in the Suunto smartwatch. To fully see the Suunto 5 Peak in action, check out the video below:

  • Learn more about the Suunto 5 Peak here.

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