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Developed by Malaysian studio Kurechii, Postknight 2 is a mobile game known as the successor to the original title, Postknight.

The game centres around a fantasy world where players are Postknight delivering packages of any kind while trying to become a S-ranked Postknight.

The sequel game was launched in December 2021, and now, around eight months later, the studio is ready to release its 1.3 update, with 1.4 also scheduled to release soon after.

Screenshots from the update / Image Credit: Postknight 2

According to a press release by Kurechii, the major improvements they’re rolling out include: 

  • Added language options including German, Spanish, French, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese;
  • New player customisation options to promote diversity;
  • New premium pets; and
  • Reworked Heavy Weapon skills.

Of course, that’s not all. More excitingly, the new updates will bring the players to new lands in the Prism (AKA the “world” Postknight 2 is set in).

So far, the Postknight series has been largely centred around the country of Kurestal, but 1.3 and 1.4 (collectively called the Greater Heights update) will finally focus on the neighbouring country and “land of the Wise Aegles”, Quivtol.

Here’s what we know so far.

Venturing into Sagacia

Our first stop in Quivtol is the “battle-scarred” Sagacia Forest, where players will learn about Aegle culture. Centuries ago, Sagacia was a site of war between the Aegles and the Humans, also known as the Great War.

Seasoned Postknight players will know that each location, city or village, will have its own set of conflicts that we must help solve. Sagacia is no different, of course.

Overview of what the 1.3 update will bring / Image Credit: Postknight 2

Here, the overarching mission is to establish a Postknight branch, but to do that, we must first overcome the Aegles’ distrust of humans. On top of this, there seems to be an “Evil Demon” we must face.

The new enemies of Sagacia include elemental foes such as the Slyphs. To defeat them, there will also be new armoury sets, a higher level cap, and even a new potion.

Speaking of armoury sets, Kurechii has reworked the heavy weapon (my preferred equipment of choice) for a “more interesting and fun gameplay”.

New heavy weapon mechanics have been added / Image Credit: Postknight 2

There are also new pets to be adopted here including the adorable Monyeet, a monkey-like creature we’re assuming takes inspiration from the Malay word for the animal, monyet.

The other new pet is a premium one called the Zankoban, which seems to have a fox-like design. This multi-tailed pet will boost Gold Gain in battles.

New pets in 1.3 / Image Credit: Postknight 2

Next stop: Regalle

The 1.4 update will take us straight into the heart of Quivtol. Regalle is the capital city of the country, making it the home of Higher Aegles such as Queen Vega, Quivtol’s reigning Monarch.

Once again, players have travelled here to establish a new Postknight Branch, but we’ll need the Queen’s approval. Unfortunately, there seems to still be some tension between the Aegle Queen and humankind.

Overview of what’s new in the 1.4 update / Image Credit: Postknight 2

The new foes we’re facing here appear to include sheep, monkeys, and other flying creatures. According to the press release, these foes will wield powers of mind and wind, which means players will be at risk of being binded or dazed.

We will also be able to adopt the “Dheep”, a sleepy sheep pet. A spider pet called Araquartz is the Premium Pet chosen for the 1.4 update, which might not be a surprise for loyal fans of the game, as it was actually decided through a “Pet Poll” Kurechii organised on its Discord server.


Postknight 2’s Greater Heights update will arrive on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store very soon. The Sagacia update will arrive on August 2, 2022, while 1.4 is scheduled to be released on September 20.

I personally have some ways to go before I can make my way into Quivtol, but you bet I’ll be grinding my way through Kurestal over the next few days so I can be there in Sagacia when 1.3 drops. See you at the top!  

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Featured Image Credit: Postknight 2

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