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Grab, foodpanda and Deliveroo announced today (August 18) that they have jointly launched the Digital Platforms Industry Association (DPIA), which seeks to enhance support for both delivery staff and merchants. 

The association focuses on improving frameworks, guidelines and policies, while collaborating with the government and industry stakeholders.

“It will create solutions that reflect the voices of its delivery partners and merchants, both of whom are core to platform companies’ operations,” according to a joint media statement.

In other words, the association will pave the way for its members to adopt their code of practice that embodies the industry’s best practices. This way, principles related to the health and safety of both delivery staff and merchants can be ensured. 

“For platform companies, the well-being of our delivery partners and merchants across the marketplace is paramount. That’s why DPIA was established – to consolidate the deep industry expertise of platforms and shape the development and growth of the industry within Singapore’s national economy,” said the companies.

The increased relevance of delivery platforms 

User using food delivery platform
User using food delivery platform / Image credit: Grab

Singapore and the rest of the world have seen an increase in the number of people using delivery platforms, propelled by COVID-19.

“Globally, the food delivery industry has grown rapidly, rising to a peak in public consciousness during the pandemic. It is today both an essential service and an exciting new economic sector,” said the three companies.

They added that with the food and beverage industry turning to food delivery platforms to generate additional revenue, delivery riders are able to earn from flexible working hours. They also strongly believe that such delivery platforms will continue to drive Singapore’s digital economy.

Putting delivery staff and merchants first

To provide the best for delivery staff and merchants, the association plans to leverage on the expertise and experiences each company has to provide better opportunities for delivery staff and merchants to grow. 

In line with their efforts to support Singapore’s digital economy, the association will provide upskilling opportunities in addition to strengthening the existing health and safety standards for delivery staff and merchants. 

In fact, the DPIA members have already started contributing to the consultation process with multiple government stakeholders, the National Delivery Champions Association and other industry stakeholders since 2021 to better support gig workers.

In particular, road safety has been a key area of focus, with the DPIA working with the Workplace Safety and Health Council on guidelines for platforms and employers to strengthen road safety practices, especially among their delivery partners. 

With these plans in place, the DPIA seeks to better serve delivery partners and merchants.

Featured Image Credit: 24Talker

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