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With Mid-Autumn Festival just a few weeks away, it’s prime time now to start preparing for the treats you want to eat come September 10.

While traditional mooncakes are wonderful with their soft crust, sweet filling, and salted yolk centre, they’re not for everyone.

So, if you dislike the taste of traditional mooncakes, or maybe just want a change, you’re in luck. Here’s a list of unique Mid-Autumn-themed confections and local brands that are selling them.

Would choux like to try this?

mj bakes

Image Credit: mj bakes

Specialising in choux pastries, it’s no wonder why Bukit Jalil-based mj bakes has decided to create a Mid-Autumn Festival set decorated with adorable bunny designs.

Each set consists of six choux pastries. The flavours include signature vanilla, Niko Neko matcha, and oolong tea. The bunny toppings are made with fondant.

Price: RM78/set
Where to order:
Cut-off order date: September 6

Pǐn By Eve

Image Credit: Pǐn by Eve

If you’re looking for something a more subtle yet still festive, Pǐn by Eve has partnered up with Gerson Batik to create this choux set.

This collaboration will feature six new flavours, namely Matcha Adzuki, Chocolate with Cashew Nut Praline, Chrysanthemum with Cocoa Nibs, Black Sesame with Ginger Gula Melaka Caramel, Oolongan, and Pandan Lotus Seed.

The whole set will also be wrapped up with a reusable batik tote bag by Gerson Batik.

Price: RM79/set
Where to order:
Cut-off order date: September 4

The “m” in mooncake means macarons


Image Credit: Madcarons

Mixing French desserts with the Chinese festival seems to be a trend these days, with macarons being served up in place of mooncakes instead.

Madcarons’ take on Mid-Autumn treats features flavours such as Pandan Lotus, Black Sesame Lemon Curd, and Red Bean.  

The macarons are also specially designed with moon and bunny themes.

Price: RM55/6pcs set, RM79/9pcs set
Where to order:
Cut-off order date: September 8

Cakes by Maine

Image Credit: Cakes by Maine

Calling it the Zhong Qiu Collection, these delicate macarons by KL-based Cakes by Maine include six unique designs with six different flavours.

The designs include a lantern, a bunny, a moon, and more. The flavours include Oreo Dark Chocolate, Cheese Cracker, Andes Mint, Callebaut matcha, Triple Strawberry, and Salted Caramel.

Price: RM78/set
Where to order:
Cut-off order date: While stocks last

Ukiyo Café

Image Credit: Ukiyo Café

Based in Johor, Ukiyo Café has released a Mid-Autumn Festival Set. Containing four offerings, this is really more of a mixed bag of pastries, combining choux and macarons.

The first pastry is the Usagi, which is a Yam and Vanilla Religieuse (a type of French pastry made of two choux). Next is Tsuki, which is the Black Sesame and Lemon Tart. Akachochin is the Oolong Red Bean Mousse, and finally the Yuzu Hojicha Macaron is named Mangetsu.  

Price: RM88/set (RM20 for Usagi, RM26 for Akachochin, RM24 for Mangetsu, and RM24 for Tsuki)
Where to buy:
Cut-off order date: September 10

Crepe-ing into the scene

JOBBIE Nut Butter

Image Credit: JOBBIE Nut Butter

Known for its peanut butter, JOBBIE has partnered up with Vanilla Crepe to create a unique set of crypto-themed “mooncrepes”.  

These mooncake-shaped crepes come in four flavours: Shiba Chunky PB, Ethereum Tropical Fruits, Bitcoin Creamy Peanut Butter, and Terra Luna Rainbow Vanilla.

Apparently, you also get a free NFT on the side, which gives a lifetime 10% discount on purchases at any Vanilla Crepe outlet as well as JOBBIE Nut Butter’s website, on top of access to private events.

Price: RM168/set
Where to buy:
Cut-off order date: September 10

Ice cream makes everything better

Licky Chan

Image Credit: Licky Chan

Ice cream and tattoo parlour Licky Chan has come up with a six-inch ice cream mooncake this Mid-Autumn Festival. With silky snow skin, this cake features tonka bean ice cream, cacao nibs, and a durian cream centre.

Price: RM118/piece
Where to buy:
Beepit, in-store
Cut-off order date: September 11

Crème De La Crème

Image Credit: Crème De La Crème

Known for their unique ice cream treats, Crème De La Crème has returned this Mid-Autumn Festival with four ice cream mooncakes. The collection includes Moon Rabbit, “Hamtaro”, Chang E’s Fan, and Chang E’s Elixir.

Moon Rabbit is made out of Japanese genmai ice cream, Japanese nori cracker, white chocolate dip, black sesame ice cream, and matcha ganache as yolk.

“Hamtaro” (yes, the Japanese anime hamster) features pu’er chrysanthemum ice cream, dark chocolate ice cream, yuzu sorbet, chocolate cookies, and white chocolate dip.

Chang E’s Fan consists of oolong tea ice cream, white chocolate dip, and longan sorbet as the yolk. Her Elixir has houjicha ice cream, sesame crunch, white chocolate dip, Sakura ice cream, and lychee yolk compote as the yolk.  

Price: RM135/set
Where to buy:
In-store, or call +6017 394 0735
Cut-off order date: Possibly up to a week after Mid-Autumn Festival (must pre-order)

Literally (moon)cakes

C3 Lab

Image Credit: C3 Lab

Known for their beautiful and luxurious cakes, C3 Lab brings something unique to Mid-Autumn Festival this year with its limited-edition cakes.

Each box comes with four petit gâteaus in four flavours. This includes Exotic Cheesecake, Vanilla Hennessy Raisin, Pistachio Raspberry, and Araguani Yuzu.

The cakes are topped with the jade rabbit and some edible gold foiling.

Price: RM210/set
Where to buy:
Cut-off order date: September 13

Champignons Patisserie

Image Credit: Champignons Patisserie

Over the years, Champignons Patisserie seems to have built a reputation for creating beautiful and delectable mooncake treats. The same goes for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival.

The themed collection this year features five pastries—Acorn, Bunny, Fall, Moon, and Matcha.

Acorn features hazelnut flavours while Bunny with apple and orange notes. Fall is Yuzu and Pear and Moon is Maple. And Matcha is of course matcha-flavoured.

If you’re looking for a larger cake, they also have a seven-inch one that weighs 1.1kg. This dessert is called the Autumn Bunny and features a Pear Mousse, Yuzu Pear Compote, Yuzu Curd, Vanilla Sponge, and Chocolate Crunch.

Price: RM129/set
Where to buy:
Cut-off order date: September 18

Enchante Patisserie

Image Credit: Enchante Patisserie

Reimagining the mooncake, Enchante Patisserie is offering two full-sized rabbit cakes (dubbed Jade Rabbit and Luna) as well as a collection of petit gâteaus.

Luna uses a classic “Wu Ren” flavour (caramelised mix nut) with a hint of lemon. Jade Rabbit features an older recipe created by Chef Tan Wei Loon during the 2015 World Cup Competition.

It features hazelnut choc crisp, chocolate gene sponge, tea ganache, mango yuzu creameux, yuzu confit with pomelo pulp, and chocolate mousse.

The petit gâteau set includes Moon Rock (black sesame and mandarin), Tart Wu Ren (lemon caramel and almond), Jade (earl grey, apple yuzu, and hazelnut), and Cloud Matcha (green tea, red bean, and cheese).

Price: Petit Gâteau – RM102, Luna – RM170, Jade Rabbit – RM188
Where to buy:
Cut-off order date: September 11

xiao by crustz

Image Credit: xiao by crustz

Named Moon Dream, this seven-inch cake from xiao by crustz is filled with citrus and earl grey flavours. To be specific, it features a sable vennoise (a type of cookie), lemon financier, bergamot confit, earl grey ganache, light citrus mousse.  

Like many other treats mentioned in this list, this cake features a rabbit illustration, mixed in with some gold foiling.

Price: RM158/piece
Where to buy:
Cut-off order date: September 15

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Featured Image Credit: mj bakes, C3 Lab, Cakes by Maine

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