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Any gamers will know the importance of a good pair of gaming headphones. While they’re not going to guarantee you a win, they’ll still be helpful in your performance, especially in aiding players to improve their reaction times.

This is something that Sony wanted to achieve with its INZONE series. One product in this series is the Sony INZONE H3 Wired Gaming Headset , which supposedly let users “hear them before they see you” with Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming and hardware technology.

We were able to try this 300g pair of headphones recently. Featuring black and white colours that are somewhat reminiscent of the PS5, we found the earpads of the INZONE H3 to be comfortable, which let us game for hours on end without feeling a lot of pressure against our ears or head.

We wished we were able to check out the wireless models too as INZONE H3 doesn’t come with active noise cancellation, unlike the wireless headphones.

Thankfully though, it’s a closed-back headset that blocks out external noise for good isolated sound. Other than that, here are four more features of the headset that we appreciated.

Feature #1: The audio box

The Sony INZONE H3 comes with an audio box, which can be connected to using the analogue cables that come with the headset. This USB Audio Box allows users to access the INZONE Hub software on their PCs.

Connecting without the USB Audio Box somewhat restricts the sound quality, as you won’t have access to the equaliser settings found in the INZONE Hub.

However, the audio box is only compatible with the PC and not other gaming consoles.

This is a drawback for console users, who won’t be able to use the 360 Spatial Sound and customisable features from the INZONE Hub.

Which brings us to the next feature.

Feature #2: The INZONE Hub

Within the INZONE Hub software, we were able to access various controls for the equaliser settings, which let us adjust the audio profile to our preferences.

Using the EQ tool, we could fine-tune the sound frequencies, allowing for greater clarity and immersion.

There’s also the Dynamic Range Control. This allows the loudest and quietest sounds sounds to be compressed together to produce more dynamic audio, as the name suggests.

Feature #3: Spatial sound

Accessible through the INZONE Hub, activating the 360 Spatial Sound allows users to immerse themselves in the game, or any other audio they’re listening to.

Using this feature, we were able to hear our enemies’ footsteps in the exact direction they were coming from. This should ideally give gamers an edge over the competition.

Feature #4 Boom microphone

INZONE H3’s built-in boom mic further helps users with their performance by letting team members communicate with each other easily.

The boom mic automatically mutes itself when flipped up so users don’t have to fumble around for the mute button.

Even for non-gamers, this is a useful feature for virtual meetings. Those who have ever accidentally muted or unmuted themselves will understand.

Feature #5 Discord certification

For those who aren’t familiar, Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app. The Discord certification refers to the platform’s stamp of approval awarded to certain gear, such as microphones.

These Discord certified products have essentially undergone thorough testing to ensure they match with the company’s high standards for audio quality and user experience. This means users of the Sony INZONE H3 will enjoy seamless voice communication with their teammates via Discord.


Priced at RM439, the Sony INZONE H3 Wired Gaming Headset is a good investment for those who want a quality pair of headphones, especially for gaming.

However, if you’re looking for a wireless headset, you might have better luck looking at other products in the INZONE series, such as the Sony INZONE H7 or H9.

In any case, we’ll be keeping our eyes on Sony’s INZONE series and looking forward to any upgrades this new flagship series may be receiving.

You can watch the Sony INZONE H3 Wired Gaming Headset in action here:

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