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With the advent of a new era of digital marketing, I believe there’s much to learn from this “land of smiles” as they display the greatest video ads of all time that will leave us all crying, laughing, or both at the same time.

1. Giving Is The Best Communication : Thai Mobile Advert That Has Everyone Weeping.

I know, this had me weeping too. Perhaps it is the clever turn of events, as well as the play on the innate goodness of mankind which is so often buried deep beneath the pursuit for success at all costs that had this video touch our hearts. A short video message powerfully conveying the importance of communication – even without saying a word. Good one, True Move!

2. Silence of love (Official English Subtitle) TVC Thai Life Insurance

Absent fathers are a huge problem of today’s society. This negligence is proven to cause various detrimental effects, especially when absence is prominent during one’s teenage years. And even though the father in this video tried his best to stay close to his teenage daughter, we see how his inability to speak or listen had led to his daughter feeling inevitably neglected. However, even after facing repeated rejections from his daughter and scorns from society, this father never gave up. He gave perfect love to the point of death. Here, the story of the prodigal son is repeated, only without a happy ending this time. Definitely an awakening on the conscience for me as well. Thank you, Thai Life Insurance!

3. Funniest Thai ads of all time

Now we are talking about true humor – humor that transcends all languages and culture. My personal favorite?enablejsapi=1&html5=1& The second ad where a group of caucasians were enjoying the sensation of extreme temperature differences in the sauna and lake and then another man jumps into the ice-cold lake after having a bowl of spicy tom yum noodles. Living up to the “land of smiles” title, Thailand!

Without doubt, there’s so much to learn and here are some takeaways for all advertisers:

a) Connect to real life scenarios

This is probably the best way to create a brand connection with your target audience. When you actually infuse aspects of real life (even when coupled with some abnormal situations like lizards falling to their deaths), a real yet subtle connection is established between the viewer and your brand. This essentially increases the advertisers’ credibility, especially if your targets fall within the age of 35-54.

b) Create a twist in your story

Shock your audience! And I mean it. Not in the oh-so-terrible-zombie-pops-out-on-your-screen way, but learn to create an unexpected outcome in your ad. This not only creates a sense of anticipation that will hook your consumers in a world full of distractions, but creates a long-lasting impression that sticks in their memory too.

c) Consistently play on the emotions

After watching the videos above, you probably now understand the full extent and power of playing with viewers’ emotions. Don’t just create boring old advertisements that blatantly scream “Our product is much better”. With all things being searchable on Google, consumers these days are not so concerned with product attributes. The play on emotions therefore work much better than cold hard facts being thrown throughout the video ads.

d) Cater to an international audience

Even though the ads above are shown in the Thai language, various non-verbal cues make them understandable no matter which part of the globe you come from. These cues should be especially employed when it comes to video ads placed on Youtube, since powerful social media sharing across the globe could and should be taken to its full potential. Break the language barriers and you have a viral ad that reaches more audience than you had intended!

e) Conclude sensibly

Do not fall into the danger of putting out an interesting ad without linking it with the brand and ad message. People do forget. And I repeat, people WILL forget. If you successfully create an attraction that draws your audience to view the ad from start to end, but fail to create relevance to your brand message, you have failed. Know the kind of conversions you are looking for. And remember, you are no movie director so you do not simply create an awesome ad without a clear business purpose.

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