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The long-awaited Tower of Fantasy (ToF) Version 2.0 update has been finally been released to global servers on October 20.

Dubbed the Vera expansion, this major update welcomes new characters, locations, and game mechanisms. Here are some detailed highlights of what the update entails.

Into the unknown

The new region of Vera consists of a vast desert, home to the contrasting cyberpunk metropolis known as Mirroria.

A big change from the lush landscape of Aesperia, Vera is much more barren. Here, players may end up in a disorienting sandstorm and thus must seek shelter. There are also dangerous spots with quicksand that should be avoided.

Common enemies here include red-flame lizards, horror beasts, and sandworms.

According to the game dev’s report, after players above level 74 have reached 40% of Vera’s map exploration, they will be able to access strange entrances to seemingly similar yet different worlds known as Greyspace Fissures.

There’s also something called Greyspace Entities, which are powerful enemies such as Abyssants.

These are world bosses that include Magma—a huge, scaley crocodile-like killing machine with wind and sand skills—and Rudolph—a metal moose-like creature that can call upon lightning.

The Puppet Singer / Image Credit: Tower of Fantasy

Another boss is called Devourer, the Puppet Singer that has a traditional yet futuristic Japanese-inspired design. This boss releases wind blades and has launch dash attacks.

Next, there’s Weaver. Found in the Sadness Valley, it summons doppelgangers and becomes invincible while those doppelgangers are around.

The city of Mirroria can be found in the heart of the desert / Image Credit: Tower of Fantasy

As teased in the preview trailers, Mirroria is a massive, neon pyramid city hovering above the sandy dunes of Vera.  To the uninformed, it may seem like a safe oasis, but as challenged in the official preview of Vera, it might actually be a more sinister space than that.  

On the bright side, Mirroria features useful functional flying cruisers and a futuristic subway so players won’t run out of endurance and die mid-flight while trying to get around the city.

Players can now hail flying taxis / Image Credit: Tower of Fantasy

Welcoming new simulacrums

With the update, we will also see three new playable characters joining the ranks—Ruby, Lin, and Saki Fuwa.  

A wielder of flame power, Ruby is an “adorable burning bunny girl” whose main goal seems to be helping Lin. This is as Ruby is under Lin’s care “due to certain arrangements”.

Her normal attacks include Spark Attack, Aerial Discharge, Lockdown Zone, Blazing Dive, and Gotcha. Her skills include Sparkling Collider and Super Nova. Her signature weapon is an SSR one called Sparky.

You can watch Ruby in action in her Simulacrum Showcase video.

Ruby is described as shy / Image Credit: Tower of Fantasy

According to the Vera preview video, Lin is the daughter of the “last Regional Archon” who has earned the current Archon’s trust by her own merit. Known as Mirroria’s Special Consultant, she has been keeping the peace in Vera Plane and Mirroria.  

Apparently, she’s a clean freak and a stickler for rules.

Lin’s signature weapon is the SSR Shadoweave.

Lin is described as a well-respected individual in Mirroria / Image Credit: Tower of Fantasy

Described as a “mini adult” Saki Fuwa is a frost wielder with a signature weapon known as the Heartstream. Not much is known about her for now.

Limited information has been released on Saki Fuwa / Image Credit: Tower of Fantasy

A rewarding return

A new round of login bonus supplies comes in tow with a bunch of other rewards available for the 2.0 update. According to ToF’s benefits page, here’s what players both old and new should anticipate getting.

Image Credit: Tower of Fantasy

New users

Image Credit: Tower of Fantasy

For new gamers joining ToF, here are what’s up for grabs if you register within 180 days after the launch:

  • Gold Nucleus x10
  • Dark Crystal x500
  • Leader of Astra
  • Aida Trailblazer
  • Avatar (Cute)
  • Orion
  • Star Sand

There are also two categories of Rookie Bonuses: Starpath Navigation and Side by Side.

Starpath Navigation is achieved after completing the Newcomer Mission and will be available for 21 days after character creation. The rewards include:

  • Gold Nucleus x5
  • Proof of Purchase x5
  • SSR weapon of the player’s choice

Side by Side is a permanently available bonus for all registered players. It comes in two rounds. Round 1 includes 10 Gold Nuclei and a limited vehicle (Vehicle: 2613).

Round 2 includes 10 Red Nuclei.

Returning users

Image Credit: Tower of Fantasy

Gamers returning to ToF will get three exclusive Stellarway Restart reward categories.

The first reward (Reward 1: Returner Log In) is a sign-in reward that increases with the number of days spent away. It includes:

  • Gold Nucleus x 5
  • Energy Crystal Dust (Orange) x 1200
  • Proof of Purchase x 5

Reward 2: Returner Mission is available for those who complete the daily returner mission. The minimum receivable items are:

  • Gold Nucleus x 4
  • Energy Crystal Dust (Orange) x 600
  • Proof of Purchase x4

Teaming up with returned Wanderers will give players the third reward (Reward 3: Returner Privileges), which includes extra returner points.

In-Game Rewards

Image Credit: Tower of Fantasy

The Mirroria Tour will be available from October 27 to November 9. Limited rewards include:

  • Red Nucleus x 3
  • Energy Crystal Dust (Orange) x 1200
  • Mira x 500

From November 1 to November 14, the Ultimate Weapon challenge will be open. The strongest executor will win these limited rewards:

  • Red Nucleus x 6
  • Avatar Frame: Outside Body
  • SSR Relic: Omnium Shield
  • Chat Bubble: TYPE-2
  • Mira x 1000
  • Spacetime Crystal Fragments x 10
  • Battle Angle title

Daily sign-in rewards are also up for grabs, which include:

  • Red Nucleus x 10 (October 20 to November 1)
  • Red Nucleus x 5 (November 1 to November 15)

It seems like there’ll be a Childlike Innocence event from November 17 to November 23 where players can collect bubbles to exchange for cosmetics and voice packs such as:

  • Chat Bubble: Floating Paradise
  • Accessory: Starry Glasses
  • Avatar Frame: Naughty Trails
  • Red Nucleus x 3
  • Mi-a’s International Children Day’s Voice Pack

Twitch Drops

From October 20 to October 26, there will also be Twitch Drops available for those who watch the Tower of Fantasy live stream on Twitch for the required duration.

Gift Pack IGift Pack IIGift Pack IIIGift Pack IVGift Pack V
0.5 hours of cumulative viewing1 hour of cumulative viewing2 hours of cumulative viewing3 hours of cumulative viewing4 hours of cumulative viewing
– Black Nucleus x 1,
– Vera Wanderer x1
– Dark Crystal x 50
– Random SR Relic Shard box x 5
– Dark Crystal x 100,
– Random SR Relic Shard box x 10
– Gold Nucleus x 1,
– Random SR Relic Shard box x 15
– Red Nucleus x 1
– Raging Sands x 1
Image Credit: Tower of Fantasy

Twitch streamers can also earn rewards after claiming the Tower of Fantasy Twitch Drops mission at the dedicated webpage starting October 20, 9AM UTC.

Special rewards will be given to those who stream for 30 hours or more during the event period, including a Vera Observer title and 10 Gold Nuclei. Qualified streamers may claim the rewards by October 27.

A steamy entry

Alongside the update, Tower of Fantasy has officially debuted on Steam, bringing the game to a wider audience.

With bountiful rewards and all-new foes to fight, the Vera update may be one that will bring the open-world MMORPG to the next level.

You can watch the trailer for Tower of Fantasy Version 2.0 here.

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Featured Image Credit: Tower of Fantasy

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