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Whether your company is operating fully back at the office, WFH, or hybrid work, being exposed to a new environment can spark a much-needed break from the mundane. For companies with a dedicated budget for leisure and retreats, Colony’s luxury coworking spaces make an enticing option.

The Luxe Suite at Colony’s Star Boulevard outlet / Image Credit: Colony

Some locations Colony is present at include Eco City, KLCC, Mutiara Damansara, and Star Boulevard—the brand’s 35,000 sq ft flagship outlet.

Each branch comes with upscaled, private workspaces, namely Colony’s Private Offices and Luxe Suites. On top of having fully furnished rooms, the latter has its own mini-bar and Google Home setup. 

There are also Reserved Desks available for those who prefer the traditional coworking space setup of having a private desk while being around others. 

Here are five benefits of choosing Colony as your new office.

1. Luxuriously designed spaces to inspire creativity

Reserved Desks at Colony’s Star Boulevard outlet / Image Credit: Colony

Uniquely designed, each Colony location comes with a personality of its own.

Whether it’s a New York Tribeca aesthetic at Star Boulevard, a British colonial-inspired one at Eco City, or boasting elements of Gentlemen’s Club at KLCC, Colony creates a warm and welcoming space.

The interior design at the Eco City outlet / Image Credit: Colony

These distinctive designs coupled with contemporary furnishing can serve as inspiration, beneficial for those doing creative work. 

Not to mention, the space serves as a beautiful backdrop for content creators, for example.

Star Boulevard’s Luxe Suite / Image Credit: Colony

2. 5-star hospitality, so you can focus on tasks that matter

Colony has prided itself on its 5-star hospitality from the very start, something we’ve personally experienced before too. 

To elaborate, all workspaces at Colony are granted printing and scanning credits, mail and parcel-handling services, as well as daily housekeeping. Those opting for a Luxe Suite will even get access to personal butler services.

The Eco City outlet’s lounge / Image Credit: Colony

Believing that people should always be taken care of, Colony’s hospitality team would even go the extra mile for their clients. For example, one Senior Community Manager at Colony had travelled across the country during the RMCO just to hand a laptop to one of their guests. 

Another incident of Colony’s exemplary hospitality was shown when a guest tore his shirt at a metal frame of Colony’s entryway. 

Not only did Colony’s team provide a first aid kit to address his small gash, but they also presented him with a brand-new shirt of the same size and design. 

Having all the luxuries of being attended to will provide your employees with the time and space to focus fully on their tasks, without the disruptions of minuscule to-do’s.

3. Community events for team-building activities and celebrations

Hosting a community of mature startups and corporates, Colony provides guests access to thoughtfully curated events to mingle with distinguished professionals.

Some events organised by Colony this year included a Halloween-themed movie night at its KLCC outlet, group yoga at Mutiara Damansara, and a “build your own” doughnut day.

Halloween night / Image Credit: Colony

They also had a Deepavali celebration where Colony’s Community Managers at Star Boulevard held a beautifully planned feast for guests.

Even if you plan to host your own team-building celebration at Colony, the coworking space has partners on board to help in the planning process, from event decor to catering, among other requests. 

This gives you the opportunity to focus on the smaller details that will make your team event or celebration a productive and memorable one.

4. A kids’ playroom to put working parents’ minds at ease

With the year-end school holidays coming up, working parents in your team may appreciate a dedicated space to keep their kids close while they work.

The kids’ play area has a space for you to work as well / Image Credit: Colony

Colony meets this demand with its kids’ playroom, where there are toys and other educational materials available in the space to keep guests’ children occupied.

There are also desks and chairs, so parents can work in proximity to their children as they play for as long as they please.

5. Ultra flexible plans for lower-commitment leases

If you’re already convinced to experience Colony’s luxury coworking space, but are unable to commit to a long-term lease of 30 days minimum, you can opt for the Ultra Flex Solution plan.

Under Ultra Flex, you could terminate your contract with Colony in one working day, and get your deposit back within seven working days.

This flexible plan also has a lowered deposit at RM500, as opposed to a regular two-month rental deposit. To add, you’ll have the opportunity to freeze and resume your memberships anytime.

Image Credit: Colony

Colony’s Ultra Flex Solution can help businesses achieve the agility to work around unforeseen issues easily. 

With the uncertainty brought on by the current economic situation, Colony’s flexible leases are an opportunity to experience luxury coworking without long-term commitment.

  • If you’re interested in making a booking at Colony’s luxury coworking spaces, you can reach them here.
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Featured Image Credit: Colony

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