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When I think of beer, what comes to mind are casual bar hangouts and barbeques, which tend to be far from the picture of fanciness or elegance.

But French beer brand 1664 Blanc is setting out to change this perception of beer, by infusing Parisian style, grace, and an air of refinement into the beverage. 

All of this culminated in its Parisian-inspired event at Pavilion KL, which we were invited to experience.

Called Rue 1664, the idea of the affair is to indulge mall goers with the atmosphere of a charming Parisian street brimming with joie de vivre (the joy of living).

So, we dressed up in our best and headed to the event, ready to be welcomed with jovial greetings of bonjour!

Walking down the decorated Parisian street

As you enter, set your eyes on Arc De Blanc, a structure of blue arches that makes up your first photo opportunity. 

Before it sits 1664 Blanc’s mascot, a moustached French bulldog (of course) surrounded by white, red, and yellow blooms, a motif carried throughout Rue 1664’s setup.

Fun fact: The design’s motif was inspired by French artist, Michael Cailloux during his recent collaboration with 1664 Blanc in October 2022. It’s meant to instil art nouveau naturalism depicting a surrealist Parisian garden where a French bulldog wanders in and where the flowers are in full bloom. Because where art meets good taste, 1664 Blanc wants to be top-of-mind.

You’ll find Arc De Blanc when entering through Pavillion KL’s Level 3 Connection

A little further in, past the arches, stands Café La Rue 1664

Another European-inspired architectural piece, Café La Rue 1664 is 20 feet tall. Take a seat just outside it at the quaint café table and chairs, and pose next to a bucket of 1664 Blanc’s signature wheat beer because this spot is made for the ‘Gram.

Café La Rue 1664 is actually a photo booth, with a built-in “photo ATM” that sends pictures to your phone. 

Hosts dressed in French-inspired attires stood by the café doors, holding trays as though ready to serve us.

However, the trays are actually props to cleverly disguise their cameras. If you don’t have a plus one with you to help with pictures, the hosts are more than happy to help you out.

Their camera seamlessly links to the photo machine, so you can view and send your pictures to your phone before heading up to the main event space.

Into the glass house

L’Atelier 1664 is an elegant blue and white lounge situated in a glass house.

A 1664 Blanc usher will greet you at the entrance and guide you through the online registration.

If you’re here on the weekend, you can choose to join the experiences offered at Rue 1664 from 1PM to 5PM, whether it’s the:

  • Liquid pouring art workshop;
  • Cocktail mixing workshop; or
  • Tote bag customisation workshop.

A word from our sponsor: You can find the full schedule on Rue 1664’s website and register to book your slot, as there are limited seats available.

Otherwise, you can redeem one complimentary 1664 Blanc wheat beer or 1664 Rosé to sip and chill at the space, no matter the day of the week.

Past the glass doors of L’Atelier 1664 is a bar counter displaying 1664 Blanc beverages, the bartenders behind it pouring out drinks with perfect foam tops.

Trying both 1664 Blanc and 1664 Rosé, we enjoyed the refreshing notes of the French brews. While the 1664 Blanc golden brew has a hint of citrus, the 1664 Rosé is a new product with delicate undertones of raspberry.

Interestingly, we noticed that the beers weren’t as gassy as conventional beers in the market that we’ve tried. 

This makes the French wheat beer all the more approachable, ideal for even lightweight social drinkers. It’s fitting, as 1664 Blanc carries the slogan, “Good Taste with a Twist”.

Adding to the social feel of the space is a cosy lounge area near the stage. Here’s where you can spend some time enjoying a glass of 1664 Blanc or 1664 Rosé with peers, and stay for the live performances held between 6PM to 9PM from Wednesday to Sunday, if you wish.

For something a little more hands-on, head to the large table where the creative workshops take place. 

Here, you can learn to mix your own 1664 cocktails with pre-portioned ingredients and garnishes, or customise tote bags with iron press designs.

We had a go at the liquid pouring art workshop too. There were paints in the brand’s signature blue, white, and red to pour over a miniature 1664 Blanc French bulldog, creating our own unique piece that we could take home.

Once you’re satisfied with your work of art, there are plenty of beautiful backdrops to use for taking pictures of it, like a neon sign of the 1664 Blanc bottle, and a floral mural with the recurring red, white, and yellow motifs.

To end the evening, we watched as 1664 Blanc’s bartenders made their guests 1664 cocktails, available exclusively at L’Atelier 1664. 

Le Soleil Blanc, made with 1664 Blanc, coconut water, mango and pineapple juice, with a white rum base
Rosé Soirée, made with 1664 Rosé, longan syrup, and vodka

As the sun set, the event’s “Blue Hour” had live performers taking the stage, serenading us with their alluring vocals and acoustic instruments.

Experience the Parisian Rue 1664 ambience

Taking place from December 5, 2022, until January 2, 2023, you can come say bonjour yourself by dropping by Rue 1664 at Pavillion KL to celebrate the year-end occasions with loved ones.

Entries are free, and you may redeem your free beverage at the event, whether on weekdays or over the weekend.

An important word from the sponsor: The event is meant for non-Muslims 21 years old and above only. 1664 Blanc advocates responsible consumption and urges fans to #CelebrateResponsibly. If you drink, do not drive. 

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All Image Credits: Vulcan Post

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