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As we move into the mobile era, everything we do increasing revolve around the tiny 5.5 inch smartphone screen. From mobile messaging to scheduling, photo taking and even online shopping, there’s almost an app for everything you need.

While mobile shopping in Singapore has been dominated by players such as Carousell and Duriana, a new app hopes to stand out by offering a different feature on top of just being a mobile marketing place.

Called Tompang, the mobile app lets you sell your stuff on the mobile platform for free, similar to popular mobile marketplace Carousell and Duriana. What’s interesting is that Tompang not only allows you to buy and sell, but it also utilises a request-based system to get stuff that you want but can’t find locally. Want anything? You can request for the item through Tompang.

This is interesting because owners can use Tompang to assess the demand in the market by taking pre-orders, or from browsing the product requests section for similar items to see what people are looking for.


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“We are a hybrid m-Commerce platform that not only allows users to buy and sell goods, but we want users to tell us what they want, at what price, and even possibly where to buy it. We also want users to help each other and reduce the excessive costs of international shipping.” – Tompang.

Compared to its competitor Carousell, which has amassed a strong community of sellers, Tompang is relatively new and it might be battling an uphill battle against Carousell.

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Founded and launched in 2012, Carousell has won the heart of users: on average, a Carousell user would open the app about 10 times a day and spend about 25 minutes on it daily. In comparison, a Facebook user opens the app 14 times a day and uses it for 30 minutes daily. Carousell recently also launched a marketing campaign, bringing free ice cream to a selected polytechnic in Singapore.

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