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Although the automotive industry faces current challenges, it is currently undergoing a digital transformation. In the near future, cars will look very different from today. Understanding what makes connected vehicles unique is crucial to understanding all these issues. Connectivity is expected to become widespread and encompass the entire automotive industry within the medium term.

What will be different about cars and connectivity a decade from now? Over the past decade, connectivity has increasingly integrated mobility systems and continues to shape the user experience in cars. There are many ways in which the car is becoming more connected, from the radio connecting to the internet to a Wi-Fi hotspot or an integrated emergency call system using an eSim card attached to the car.

Comfort and safety

As time passes, vehicles become more comfortable thanks to their connectivity. Both passengers and drivers enjoy more and more conveniences. Electric cars can already help you avoid traffic jams. If you want, you can select restaurants and ask the operator to reserve a table for you. You can now even call for help without your phone if you have problems with your car. This is thanks to the direct connection to an emergency service.

The future will be filled with digital tools and dashboards that are 100% digital. Streaming platforms will be available to your passengers, or even an

online casino right from the seat of passage. Instead of stressing you out or avoiding accidents, vehicles will communicate with each other and respond automatically for greater safety.

A look at how 5G will transform electric cars in the future

Imagine what your life would look like in a few years in an autonomous electric car. This 5G technology will improve vehicles’ ability to evaluate driving decisions, and it will optimise traffic with its connectivity.

The autonomous car was the subject of all the talk just before 5G was launched. Consequently, it would seem that mobile phone connectivity would be necessary for its operation. In reality, this is not the case. It is important to note that 5G will not be the only technology that will drive self-driving cars. The system will mainly rely on its sensors and navigation for safety reasons.

Electric cars are becoming more connected

Besides quiet driving, fuel efficiency and performance, electric cars have great connectivity to offer. New solutions inspired by home automation will make connected electric cars more ‘intelligent’.

On-board computers will be able to adjust driving behaviour and power consumption in real time based on various parameters such as traffic conditions and weather. Each driver’s habits will be known to the car. Thus, it can make suggestions to the driver based on his or her preferences for activities or restaurants, for example.

Are you ready for the future?

There has been an unstoppable rise of electric cars over the past decades. If innovations follow suit, it will soon be the ultra-connected car. Our cars will not yet be able to be used as our smartphones tomorrow, but we are getting there faster than we can imagine.

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