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Perez Hilton, one of world’s most prominent bloggers and personalities is now letting you in on his secrets via Viber.

As if competition amongst the top messaging apps was not enough with WeChat launching accounts for fashionistas and Line expanding its market to taxi booking and food delivery, Viber has now hopped onto the bandwagon with the release of its new feature: Public Chats.

The new feature is not just a simple upgrade from its free messaging and HD-quality calls, but instead allows its users to interact on a much larger scale that before.

Public Chats will allow for live discussions between celebrities and prominent bloggers in which Viber users can follow and get closer to.

The feature, which is set to launch today in Singapore, will feature a list of celebrities such as Perez Hilton, YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley, and singer Pixie Lott.

Viber users can follow the chats that happen amongst these celebrities and their friends.

According to Viber’s CEO Marco Talmon, he likes to think of it as “social experimenting”, and that “it addresses the basic need for us as humans to look at other people’s worlds”.

The multi-media conversations will include the sharing of texts, photos, audio, video, stickers, hyperlinks and more. Viber users can invite their friends to follow the Public Chats they are following as well.

How different is it?

The new feature, which allows any Tom, Dick and Harry to tap into the conversations of these celebrities and personalities, will inevitably release the inner stalker within all of us.

Image Credit: CNN
Image Credit: CNN

However, how different is this new feature from the already existent stalker apps out there like Twitter or even Whatsapp with the new blue tick feature?

As Viber Public Chats will be launched today in Singapore, Vulcan Post will be bringing you updates from the launch and the live Q&A chat session on Viber.

With its local partners as well as key Viber representatives such as Mark Hardy, Chief Marketing Officer and Michael Shmilov, Head of Product, the launch tonight will set to feature how Public Chats will differentiate from the already crowded messaging app family as well as setting its grounds as the new social networking app.

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