We at Vulcan Post are proud to present Vulcan Post’s Branded Pages!

Vulcan Post’s Branded Pages are dedicated sections of our site where brand assets like content, campaigns, and social widgets are consolidated. In a single page, readers will get everything they need to know about a brand they admire, from articles produced by the Vulcan Post team, stories from brands themselves, and news coverage relating to these brands, to the latest discounts and promotions available.

You can reach the Branded Pages from the Popular Brands tab, facilitating discovery and navigation with ease. Brand content will also be published on Vulcan Post, and may be featured on partner sites like Yahoo! News and AsiaOne.

Main Features:

Screenshot of GrabTaxi Vulcan Post Branded Page
Screenshot of GrabTaxi Vulcan Post Branded Page

To find out more, contact:
Jacky Yap