We’re a media group with several online publications that’s powered by youth-driven content to inspire and enthuse our readers. Our media assets include Vulcan Post, DiscoverKL, Millennials of KL, and we want to grow bigger and launch even more—with you in our team!

Our vision is to introduce you the latest digital lifestyle news so that you can bring our topics and discussions to your daily conversations.

Our small but ambitious editorial team writes articles that will appeal to the digitally savvy millennial—stories revolving around local startups and initiatives, tech lifestyle pieces, inspirational people, and trending social media news.

Available Positions:

1. Editors/Writers (Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore)

This job doesn’t just require you to write—you write to educate, increase awareness and engage the mind of our readers.

Creativity and an inquisitive mind are your strengths. You’re able to ask the right questions to fully understand the subject at hand. You are able to think out of the box to create content angles that will blow anyone’s mind.

Most importantly, you’re looking for a job to fully commit to. It’s not JUST a job to make ends meet, it’s something that you want to be passionate about and invested in emotionally. If this is you, we want to meet. Hopefully you will find our lame jokes and boisterous laughter bearable.

Job Requirements

  • You’ve been a Vulcan Post reader. So you understand our content well. The local startup community is an ecosystem that excites you and you want to write about them.
  • Well articulated and able to communicate clearly and effectively (it really does help to cut down excess work due to misaligned expectations).
  • You have some editing experience and you’ve also written pieces for various other publications that showcase your style and thought processes.
  • You can do more than write and edit. Managed social media pages before or done a spate of video editing? Let us know your other talents.
  • You don’t mind coming to work in casual wear and you don’t feel awkward that everyone (yes, even the boss) dresses down in the office.
  • You’re able to spend time outside work attending events and networking to meet new faces. Or to join us for dinner (we’re foodies).
  • Sometimes, you’ll be asked to pose ‘unphotogenically’ . But it’s all in good fun. We promise.

2. Video Editors (Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore)

We are looking for a full-time video editor and videographer to embark on a story-telling journey with us to our readers. As readers’ behaviour shift towards video consumption, we are adapting to that and are looking for a dynamic individual to join our team.

Job Requirements

  • You own a laptop with an advanced video editing software such as Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro etc.
  • Knowledge of digital media including codecs, image types, resolutions, frame rates
  • Advanced knowledge of tools such as: Premiere Pro/Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, After Effects
  • Must be meticulous, technical, organized, and creative at the same time
  • Must have excellent writing and grammar skills
  • Thoroughly understands the basic foundation of editing of videos and photos
  • Has previous hands-on skills on cameras, audio and lighting equipment, able to pair the right music to videos
  • You should have a team spirit – we are a small and close-knit family here in the office
  • Able to work under minimal supervision
  • Able to meet deadlines and produce videos every week
  • Bonus points if you know how to do motion graphics or music composing
  • Must be able to commit to this position full-time.

3. Editorial/video interns too! (Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore)

Fun Facts

  • Having crazy coloured hair is not compulsory in the team, but be warned, the syndrome is contagious.
  • Some of us are trying to get fit. Like, we’re REALLY trying. Help motivate us?
  • Our workplace is pet friendly!
  • We once participated in an ice cream eating competition that was live on Facebook. We lost. Think you got what it takes to be our champion eater next time?
  • You could be one of the faces on our articles/posts. With your consent, of course :p

Drop us an email at team@vulcanpost.com with your resume and relevant references! If you impress us, we might just buy you a meal!