Sick of reading pointless posts on your Facebook dashboard? This.com might just be what you're looking for.

Priscilla Tan  |  Singapore
Published 2014-12-11 15:00:56

Truth: nobody cares to be told what number of macaroons you just gobbled down.

If you’re getting tired of reading trivial posts on your Facebook feed, get a load of this. New social networking website This.com aims to put a stop to over-sharing of insignificant posts — by allowing users to post only one link per day.

Metro reports that the network is currently at the beta-testing stage, and it “has a pretty active community”. Instead of posting pictures and GPS maps, This.com allows users to share links that people might actually want to read.

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According to Metro, This.com founder Andrew Golis says, “This. is a social network for finding and sharing great links. Users can share one link per day, follow other users they think have great taste, and give thanks for the great links they find.”

Image Credit: This.com

The project was started on June 2014 and launched by American magazine The Atlantic. As stated by the article on Capital, the name was inspired by a popular Twitter convention. Users would retweet a link and attest to it by writing the phrase “This” ahead of it. An Atlantic Media spokesperson has also revealed that the project has no set launch date.

“The hope is that we’re able to build a place where people can really find the actual highest-quality stuff, the stuff that the people who they really trust, the one thing per day that is really worth sharing and looking at.” — Andrew Golis to Mashable

I have no problem with my Facebook friends sharing frivolous posts – after all, Facebook has the ‘unfollow’ button. Besides, how could I control what other people post when I wish for the same freedom and respect on mine? I get most of my reading material from apps like Bloglovin, so I doubt I’ll be using this ‘digital bookshelf’. Nonetheless, I’m curious to see how it takes off. People are constantly changing the way to stay current with news.

Only time will tell.


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