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Since July 15, 2012, the Youtube world was hit by a Korean music video that has went beyond everyone’s expectations. That music video was none other than Gangnam Style by Korean star, Park Jae-sang, or more famously known as Psy.

In December of that same year, Gangnam Style hit the 1 billion view mark and spent a total of 31 weeks on the Billboard’s Hot 100 List. It also overtook LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem two years ago as the most ‘liked’ clip on YouTube.

Psy’s horse-trotting video has also trotted its way into the hearts and minds of many; whether you love it or hate it, at some point this song must have been repeating in your head over and over again. Creative netizens have also altered the song for various parodies and incorporated it into many GIFs.

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Back in 2012 when Gangnam Style reached 1 billion views, YouTube trends manager Kevin Allocca attributed the video’s success to “the universal appeal of catchy music”. It seems that its “catchiness” and simple yet addictive dance moves has pushed it further to the next milestone.

Just few days ago on Friday, Gangnam Style has reached another milestone in its path of stardom: it is now crowned as the first YouTube Video with 2 billion views.

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Now who would have thought that this achievement would be attained by a song with lyrics that most people don’t even understand or know how to sing along to?

Psy has posted on his Twitter page saying, “Very honorable and burdensome numbers. With the appreciation, I’ll come back soon with more joyful one!”

YouTube has marked this achievement with two miniature Psy-like animations dancing around the YouTube view counter and posted a congratulatory message on its Google+ page.

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MTV News jokingly calculated that if a viewer were to watch the music video 2 billion times in a row, it would take more than 16,045 years to complete that goal.

Psy claims that one main challenge for him as he tries to move on with his singing career is that his music video is more popular than he is, so he has to overcome his music video first. Still, Psy is doing rather well with his other music video Gentleman which is now holding the title of the seventh most popular YouTube video with 700 million views.

Nevertheless, at this rate, I’m sure we can expect more viral videos to come from the man who has made round sunglasses the new ‘in’ thing.

Image Credit: Mashable
Image Credit: Mashable

What do you think: Is this song gonna remain a timeless hit?

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