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Last December, our favourite social media superhero shared an interesting ad. The post read:

To all the single ladies, if you need Lup Cheong to be your partner during next year’s CNY or maybe Christmas Day, go to Rent-a-Gent.

Don’t ask how come we have this image. It’s Pereira’s idea. Maybe we can engage them for Muthu’s bachelor party. (Or Bachelorette).

Rent-A-Gent.Pink is a marketplace of gentlemen escorts available for rent by the hour for parties and dates. Thoroughly hand-picked by a diverse group of women, these gents are “uniquely talented and gifted individuals”. They provide a pretty wide range of services, such as singing, dancing and stripping (hey, we’re all adults here).

Clients have the option of choosing the gentlemen based on their ethnicity, age, and height. They will then be given a selection of up to ten profiles specially chosen just for them.

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Screenshot from SMRT Ltd (Feedback) Facebook page

The comments had me laughing like a drain. Leave it to the Internet to poke fun at the ad and remind us of the humour of it all. One commenter offered his service, asking if there’s a vacancy and where he can send his resume. Another suggested adding Korean guys to mix, joking that they will fetch triple the price. Others made use of this Facebook advertisement to poke fun at their (presumably single) friends by tagging them in their comments.

On a slightly more serious note, SMRT Ltd reassured one commenter — who asked if this service was legal — by stating, “Rest assured that our service has been verified by our lawyers as 100% legal.”

Image Credit: Rent-A-Gent

The site sports a bubbly, pinkish theme — a stylish look that certainly grabbed my attention. It’s extremely easy to navigate; Rent-A-Gent clearly got the browsing aspect down. I only wonder why there isn’t an email address provided (it states that it’s coming soon). Perhaps they’ll make do with the contact form for now?

Also, if you’re worried about privacy, don’t be. Because according to the site, all escorts have signed iron-clad confidentiality agreements.

Rent-A-Gent is a legitimate business in Singapore, and is open from Mondays to Sundays, 2 p.m. to 3 a.m.

If you’re keen on the idea but living within a tight budget, I’d hate to burst your bubble, but the escort rates aren’t cheap. Here are the full prices as shown on Rent-A-Gent:

 ESCORT RATES  SGD 600  SGD 1500  SGD 2500  SGD 4000  SGD 6000

$600 for an hour does sound a little exaggerated. I couldn’t agree more with what Facebook user Angeline Seward said about spending the money elsewhere — wouldn’t it be better to use it on a shopping spree? According to her, “One needs to have more money than sense to pay $600 for an hour[‘s worth of] company… using the $600 for a shopping spree will make me happier even if I have to shop alone…” I guess there’s a reason why people call it retail therapy, after all.

Would you be willing to cross the Rubicon to hire an escort? If you are, hop on over here.

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