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The inception of mobile Internet connectivity has infiltrated our lives so much so that we’re effectively in correspondence with them. We’ve grown so attached to the technology that we can’t imagine our lives without it.

Gone are those good old days, when we get to enjoy a 12GB data allowance. As a loyal SingTel subscriber, it was unfortunate that I’ve fallen prey to the new changes of mobile data plans. Now that buffet-style mobile data plans have become an endangered species, most of us have to watch our limits to avoid a nasty case of bill shock. Here are some life hacks to follow so you can make your phone’s data plan last longer.

Do Your Homework

For first timers, start off with a mid-ranged data plans. “I think consumers first need to know roughly what they want to use the data for. They need to know their usage skew. Generally, most have an even usage of voice and SMS versus data,” says Zalman Zainal, chief marketing officer of Celcom Axiata Bhd. 

After some time, you will know how much cellular data you’re using on your phone. There’s no better way of determining your data consumption than trying it out for yourself.

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Connect to Wi-Fi Whenever Possible 


Connect yourself to Wi-Fi as much as you can. That’s the quickest and easiest way to control your data usage problem. Your favourite hangouts – cafes, restaurants, bars. Leech off their open connections, wherever you are. Be nice and polite. It’d probably help when you order a drink or something within their premise.

Disconnect Yourself


Most of us constantly check our social networks. Every now and then, we run through our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. What seems like a lightweight activity can actually consume 5 to 10MB of data each time you browse through those platforms. The accumulative effects of lightweight activity (so-called) can run up to a couple of Gigs over time. Disconnect yourself for a while. Say brb to your social networks and give your immediate world your undivided attention. So you won’t miss out on the REAL good things!

Download Onavo Extend 


This app helps you save mobile data so you can do more of what you love on your phone without incurring a bill shock. “By compressing your data, Onavo Extend can increase the power of data plan by 500% – giving you the ability to do up to 5 times more with your current data plan without any additional fees or hassles”. What’s more incredible is that Onavo Extend also offers you a breakdown of your data consumption. With this information, you can manage your data usage choices better.

Technology is a major part of our lives, but it shouldn’t be controlling us; WE should be controlling it. With these tips, now go forth and be wise with your data plan.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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