Fans of Pangdemonium, here’s a heads up: the Singapore theatre company is offering a chance for you to win four tickets to their upcoming production titled Circle Mirror Transformation.

This is no ordinary ‘like-and-share-to-win’ promotion, though. To win the tickets, you — and three other friends — have to become a Human Marina Bay Sands. To demonstrate, the CMT cast created a human Esplanade!

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Who would have thought you could re-create other Singapore landmarks other than the Merlion?

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To qualify, take a picture of your Human MBS, post it on Pangdemonium’s Facebook page, and the team will choose the winning photo.

That’s right, unlike other giveaways, you’ll actually have to work for it this time.

The #theatregame ends Friday, 23rd January, 2359 hours.

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