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A couple weeks back while riding shotgun in my dad’s car, we came across an old pickup with an opened tailgate. Prompted by my clueless nature, the ever-concerned patriarch of the family explained that this is a big no-no in the driving bible and started honking to alert the driver.

Despite numerous attempts, we got no response. (Although, we did get the stink eye from the other drivers on the road.)

Had we known that there’s an app like Motoqlik , we would have used it to send an instant message via the Windscreen function to the distracted driver; we wouldn’t need to go through this frustrating problem.

Motoqlik, launched on June 8th 2014, is a social app for road users. The new start-up firmly believes that every driver has the power to make road usage a much more pleasant experience.

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motoqlik homepage

“Motoqlik is a new social initiative for motorists and road users to connect with one another in times of need, using just their Vehicle License plate.” –Motoqlik

Getting a driver’s attention can be a pain in the butt. With Motoqlik, communication is as easy as falling off a log.

Have a problem with a driver that sends you through the roof? Simply search for the vehicle using its license plate and leave a virtual note (stay classy, folks) on the windscreen. If you think that’s all to the app, you couldn’t be more wrong. You can even share motoring tips and news and show off your new ride. Not too shabby for an app that’s barely two months old!

motoqlik app

Think of it this way: Motoqlik is a Whatsapp meets Instagram app for road users! Image credit: Motoqlik

Motoqlik is currently available in Android Google Play and iOS App Store.

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