Doctor Up: EA Prescribes Theme Hospital For Free!

Who doesn’t love free games? If you have an EA Origin account, Theme Hospital, the classic business management sim is available for downloaded at this very moment for free. Don’t have an EA account? Creating one is really easy.

Image Credit: Kotaku
Image Credit: Kotaku

The game is part of EA’s “On the House” promotion, whereby a different game is available for download for free each month. There is no time limit or expiry date on the game. Once it’s been downloaded, users can keep the game for as long as they like.

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One of the ’90s classics, Theme Hospital was developed by the now defunct Bullfrog, which is also known for making the sleeper hit Dungeon Keeper. Theme Hospital was such a hit that it went on to sell 4 million copies worldwide and was also ported over to numerous gaming systems.

Theme Hospital is the home of many goofy and outlandish diseases. Some patients are afflicted with Bloaty Head, which cause their head to grow out of control; while others suffer from King Complex, a psychological disorder that infects its victims with an uncontrollable desire to impersonate Elvis Presley. All of these sick patients need help – that’s where you come in.

Theme Hospital tasks you with creating, maintaining and managing a hi-tech hospital as you help hundreds of ailing patients in an attempt raise funds. Players need to be quick on their feet to keep both staff happy and patients healthy. Fail and everything will collapse. Do you have what it takes to be an ace doctor?

If you are looking to rekindle moments of nostalgia with the game’s eccentric sense of humor or simply just want to dive in to see what made Theme Hospital such a success, you really should be downloading the game now.

Stay tuned to Vulcan Post as we keep you up to date with the next free game from EA’s On the House promotion.

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