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While some might argue that social media has revolutionised communication, others find that the advent of social networking sites has caused people to become more distant with their family and friends due to reduced face-to-face offline interaction.

With the aim of achieving a million “love” sent, emotional wellness initiative, SendLove Campaign, aims to enable people in Singapore to show their love and care to the people that matter in their lives by using technology.

Image Credit: sihonorio via Deviant Art
Image Credit: sihonorio via Deviant Art

“Using the power of social, we hope to create a sense of responsibility among people in Singapore for each other’s emotional well-being, while showing them it’s not hard to reach out and care,” say Cedric Mui, Digital Marketing Specialist, and Huang Shiqi, Brand Custodian, at Brand’s InnerShine.

The holistic wellness company, together with VCNC’s mobile app Between, global music streaming service Deezer, and PSLove – a company that delivers period supplies to women – has jointly initiated this SendLove Campaign.

Image Credit: LoveGrid.co
Image Credit: LoveGrid.co

LoveGrid.co, an “emotion measuring platform”, allows visitors to see the current emotions of their friends by enabling them to connect to other social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Visitors can respond to this update on their friend’s emotional state and brighten their day by sending handcrafted virtual gifts including a song from the 30 million tracks available through Deezer, and a positive uplifting message on a customised badge. Users can choose a song relevant to the mood their friend is experiencing. “It is wonderful how music has the power to evoke positive emotions and feelings during stressful times, and as a result, enhances one’s well-being and health, says Steven Frank, Business Development Manager at Deezer Asia Pacific.

While considering the hectic Singaporean lifestyle, Between’s focus is on offline relationships between couples which can be strengthened via communication services such as LoveGrid.co.

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Image Credit: HB Photography via Getty Images
Image Credit: HB Photography via Getty Images

General Manager of  South Korean mobile app company, VCNC, Joash Wee adds, “…We want to show couples in Singapore that it doesn’t take too much time out of a busy schedule to just send a small token of encouragement.”

As women also experience PMS in addition to their daily emotions and moods, PSLove strives to help women one “Period” at a time. According to PSLove’s founder Peck Ying, she believes that we can also use LoveGrid, “… To show care to those who might be experiencing some sort of menstrual discomfort…” Both Peck Ying and her male co-founder are eager to see how the people in Singapore send love to each other as part of the SendLove campaign launching soon. We sure are excited too!

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