A well thought out app created by a mom for other moms out there.

Amy  |  Singapore
Published 2014-08-20 12:00:03

Sharon Standifird of Houston, Texas was tired of her son, Bradley, ignoring her texts and calls. So, she created an app that forces Bradley’s phone to automatically shut down if he ignores her calls.

In order to get his phone to work again, he has to call his mom to get a password to reactivate the phone. It all sounds amusing and funny until you realize that this app is actually available in the app store.

This could happen to you.

Think about it.

You could be Bradley.

Credit Image: Abcnews
Image Credit: Abcnews

Hide the internet from your parents.

Hide the internet from your significant others.

They. Must. Never. Know.

Remember all those time you were too engrossed in an episode of Vampire Diaries to answer your sister’s call? Or the time you were in the midst of battle in Call of Duty and pretended not to notice your girlfriend calling? Or the time your phone’s like, urgh, so far away and you couldn’t be bothered to stretch your arm two more inches to get to your phone that is ringing all the way at the other side of the desk?

Yeah. Be prepared to answer the inevitable, “What were you doing?” when you call for that password so you can be connected to civilization again. I can almost taste the drama.

Image Credit: Ignore No More app
Image Credit: Ignore No More app

In order to get this to work, the parent (or obsessive boyfriend/girlfriend) must first install this application on their own device in addition to the victim’s children’s smartphones. The parent is then able to create a list of adults that the children can call in case of an emergency (in addition to 911 and other emergency services).

Can’t they just uninstall this app?

Heh. No. According to their website, the parent username/email and password are required to uninstall the app.

Can’t they just disable the app?

You sly fox. No. They thought of that too. If they attempt to disable the app, the phone automatically locks itself down and sends an email to the parent.

Clearly this was a well thought out measure to combat rebellious children unwilling to pick up their parents’ calls. On the other hand, perhaps this is precisely the kind of app that parents need in this era because young people are too addicted to their phones for all the wrong reasons and at the wrong times.

Credit Image: Ignore No More app
Image Credit: Ignore No More app

This Ignore No More app is currently available for $1.99 for Android phones on the Google play store.

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