AirAsia Introduces The Golden Ticket To Travelling Around ASEAN

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If you’re a frequent flyer through Southeast Asia, you’re in for a treat. AirAsia has introduced the “AirAsia Asean Pass” as well as the “AirAsia Asean Pass+” to help frequent flyers travel through the region easily and at consistently great prices.

The concept is simple: flights are measured in credits — the Asean Pass contains 10 credits, and is priced at SGD209, while the Asean Pass+, at SGD 369, would give you 20 credits. Flights below 2 hours are worth 1 credit, while flights above 2 hours are worth 3 credits.

This means that every flight through Asean that is available through AirAsia is now much cheaper.

Image credit: gcair
Image Credit: gcair

AirAsia Group CEO, Tony Fernandes, said, “As a truly Asean airline, we are extremely proud to introduce the AirAsia Asean Pass, which is a product specifically designed to further liberalize and encourage travel among the Asean community. The pass allows us to bridge communities and attract more foreign tourists to the region — it’s the perfect instrument to promote Asean integration.”

“We are constantly enhancing the way guests fly with us and the AirAsia Asean Pass is another innovation that we have put in place to make flying more efficient and enjoyable. We are working on additional enhancements that will further benefit guests traveling from non-Asean destinations.”

Image Credit: AirAsia Malaysia
Image Credit: AirAsia Malaysia

Flight redemption with these passes will not be subjected to processing fees, and Airport charges, taxes, and other fees will be payable separately. It must also be redeemed within a year, and registration for the dates must be made at least 14 days prior to travel.

What’s more, you don’t have to keep the passes all to yourself. If you know someone who’s a frequent flyer, you can buy this new form of currency as a gift. It can also be allocated to a different name, so you can buy tickets for your whole family to Bali.

The AirAsia Asean passes are especially attractive when you take into account the usual fluctuations of prices. Flights will be available at a fixed-rate to the over 148 routes that AirAsia has to offer throughout the year. That said, blackout periods do apply, which means that you probably won’t be able to use it for those long weekend getaways.

The AirAsia Asean Pass and Asean Pass+ credits are redeemable for travel with AirAsia Malaysia (AK), Thai AirAsia (FD), AirAsia Indonesia (QZ) and Philippines AirAsia (Z2) to Asean destinations only.

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