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Tomorrow is the Malaysia’s 57th Independence Day, and the internet has been buzzing with it. Everyone is taking to social media to share what Merdeka means to them. Even MAS has shared their heart-warming short film, and the directors spoke to Vulcan Post about their visions and inspirations. To celebrate Malaysia’s birthday, we’ve picked these 5 videos that are truly Malaysian, and to say – Selamat Hari Merdeka!

1. A Walk Through Time: Merdeka 

“#AWalkThroughTime is a story of friendship between two boys as they journey through Malaysia’s historic milestones that span over 57 years.” This short film by Malaysian Oil and Gas Company Petronas follows through Malaysia’s many milestones and progresses, making any Malaysian pretty much feel all the feels. Can you spot all the references?

2. Langit

While this isn’t technically a film, but it was from the MAS short film Terbang. Sung by the beautiful Yuna, this beautiful song encompasses Malaysia’s hopes and dreams for the future. If you want to watch the original tearjerking film, click here.

3. Malaysian Chabor

You might remember this from a few months back, when singer Joyce Chu sang this song to declare her pride in being a Malaysian Chabor (girl). While it was met with mixed reviews, it garnered over 6 million views, with 91,526 likes. Props to being so proud of being a Malaysian girl that you would write a popular song about it! 

4. Eh, Abang! 

You may have seen this ad on TV, and it is a bit more unique from the usual Merdeka videos, as it takes the perspective of a foreigner trying to understand Malaysia. We would usually take small things like calling each other “Brother”, “Auntie”, or “Uncle”  for granted, but Maxis reminds us that it is actually quite beautiful.

5. Only in Malaysia

This is a oldie, but a golden oldie. Malaysian Youtuber JinnyBoy released this video in 2012, but the message still stays the same. It has over 5 million views since then, and everything in the video is still true. Real Malaysian Pride!

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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