Jonathan Soon  |  Singapore
Published 2013-11-15 11:00:13

How would you react, if one day, your children vanished the moment you take your eyes off them?

That was what over 4,804 families went through in Malaysia in 2012. Sadly, child abduction is not so uncommon in the country. It is heartbreaking to see missing children posters on signboards, trees, petrol stations, and even on ATM machines, as a desperate effort to get their child back.

The figures of cases did not seem to retract this year, and worst of it all, it seems that child kidnappers in Malaysia are actually getting bolder.


This is when ad agency TBWA Kuala Lumpur decided to produce this award winning 2-minutes video message directed to all Malaysians, on behalf of Kidproof SEA.

Watch what happens when an unidentified guy was given the task to look for unattended children in a shopping mall, armed with only 100 lollipops.

And they could not have said it better,

“A moment of neglect, a lifetime of regret”.

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