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We are installing Android apps by the dozens and using them. We would even spend money on some apps that require us to pay to download and use them. However, did you know that the opposite of that situation exists as well? There are indeed apps which pay you for using them. Here are 5 apps which actually pay their users, handpicked for our readers.


With 4,049,822 users, this is one of the biggest chat engines for Android. Using the same idea of Whatsapp, this identifies and delivers messages to the users according to their mobile numbers. Other than allowing its users to send unlimited free text messages to other users, create chat groups and send voice and video messages, it even has two fantastic features which the mighty Whatsapp doesn’t. You can place FREE calls to any other Line user, which is a lot like Skype. And you can install Line Camera which helps you to add special effects to your images. The extensive range of emoticons, which are often country specific, is also very attractive.

But did you know Line actually pays users for using it? Line introduces simple contests such as send a sticker daily to a friend, send a message to a friend, or join a group and talk there daily, and in return they gift free money for users to buy load/balance for their mobile. Presently in India, by sending a sticker daily to any group from 20th August to 18th September, you get INR 30 every 5 days.

Image Credit: AndroidTricks
Image Credit: AndroidTricks

Additionally, you can invite friends and earn more rewards like an iPhone, iPad, a trip to Thailand, and more!

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Taking the best of every popular chat engine, this India-made and mainly India-based chat engine offers you free money if you successfully invite a friend. It has a nice interface, a whole set of emoticons which are, ahem ahem, ‘inspired’ from Whatsapp, and a hidden chat which unlocks by using a user-set pattern, and selective option of ‘Last Seen’ to avoid unwanted ‘friends’. With 784,974 users, this is not a messenger you should ignore, especially if you are in India.

Coming to the money part, when someone invites a friend successfully, he gets INR 20 and 50 free SMS to any number in India. The new user also gets INR 10 for joining Hike. Use the money to buy load/balance/talktime or pay your postpaid bills.

Hike Payment Scheme (Image from: NDTV.com)
Hike Payment Scheme (Image Credit: NDTV.com)

Sadly, they have this offer for India only, presently.


Recharge your prepaid and postpaid mobile, satellite TV, data card and pay electricity bills, landline bills, gas bills and life insurance policy by using this app and getting paid. This app helps you to pay for all utilities using your mobile. But what makes it different from its competitors is the nice gifts it drops from time to time to its users. The user can expect a joining gift and other gifts as the app is continually used.

Mobikwik Payment Through Cashback(Image from: upto75.com)
Mobikwik Payment Through Cashback(Image from: upto75.com)

With a user base of 140,556 users, this app is fairly popular and it also comes with a nice interface.


A relatively newcomer to the “gifting app” segment, we don’t need to introduce this to our readers. With brilliant features like free voice/video calls, unlimited free messages to any other users, extensive sticker gallery, addictive games, local language support and other features, this is a very popular app.

WeChat Payment Offer (Image from:freesampleinindia.com)
WeChat Payment Offer (Image Credit:freesampleinindia.com)

With 2,590,180 users and a “Free For LifeTime” tagline, this app also is offering free mobile loads/talktime to its users. In India, by downloading the WeChat app and sending a message to any of your friends, a link will be given to you from the WeChat team within 4 hours. By clicking on the link and filling in the required information, your free recharge of INR 50 will be processed.

If you are using it already, time to milk it till it lasts. If not, join it, your friends are probably there already.


1) Download the app
2) Find tasks nearby and click “Complete Now” to start your task
3) Complete tasks to earn cash

It’s that easy. You can easily earn up to $20 for a completed task and the tasks take between 5 to 15 minutes to be completed. Some of the tasks are “Record wait time at restaurant”, “Photograph a promotion in-store”, “Count the number of products on a shelf”, “Rate the quality of customer service at a store”, etc.

Rewardable Payment for Simple Tasks (Image from: phonearena.com)
Rewardable Payment for Simple Tasks (Image Credit: phonearena.com)

Once you have successfully completed the task, wait for the money to be credited to your account. You need a Paypal or GoBank account to get paid.

Note: Some users are claiming that the app doesn’t work as advertised. Please check and proceed at your own considerations.

Special Note: Not all these offers might be applicable in your country. This list has been prepared in India where these offers are active. You might have other/no offers applicable where you live. Please check before you proceed.

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