What Does Your Fitness Tracker Say About You?

With so many fitness trackers out there, it’s hard to tell what the best ones are. But it’s clear to see that people will tend to gravitate towards a fitness tracker that best suits their look and personality.

What does your fitness tracker say about you? Find out here:

Fitbit Flexfitbitflex

You like things simple. You don’t like to complicate situations, and you’ve got better things to do than spend time window shopping for gadgets. It’s a good thing your company issued you this fitness band then, though the only steps you’re clocking is squeezing through peak hour to get onto the last train back home.

Oops, your boss is climbing up the stairs. Better do the same.

Misfit Shinemisfit shine

You saw it in the store and you HAD to have it. It was the perfect shade of sea green/wine/coral that matched that new bag you bought. Sure, everyone’s got a Jawbone or Fitbit, but that is way too mainstream and a blow against your fragile value system.

Plus, that box it comes in is absolutely gorg! Now, where’s the best lighting for this Instagram photo?



You’re the first to complain when the cost of your favourite economy bee hoon goes up 20 cents, and you’re eating your lunch box meal by yourself while your colleagues go out for lunch. It’s fine. Life isn’t so bad when you’ve got all your basic needs fulfilled. You’ll probably be the first amongst your friends to hit your first million anyway.

Jawbone Up24


This is it — the year you’re going to get fit. You’re a bit tubby around the middle, and those late night beers aren’t really helping your case. Everyone’s talking about fitness bands, and this one looks pretty normal. It even comes with a high enough price to make it seem like you’re really putting in the effort.

And it has that sleep-tracking thing, because let’s be real — that’s the only goal you’re going to be hitting with this tracker.

Jawbone Up Move

upmoveYou want to start getting fit, but the whole idea of wearing a fitness tracker is too obvious. It feels kind of weird wearing it with your watch, and you don’t really want people to keep asking you how many steps you’ve taken today, anyway.

The only problem is that you’ve forgotten — again — to take it off before throwing your clothes into the washing machine. Time to get the rice out.

Fitbit Zip


Life, as you know it, is pretty damn awesome. The barista who makes you your morning coffee winked at you today, your boss complimented your candy-coloured accessories, and there was a rainbow outside your window! Sweet!

You’ve probably hit 10,000 steps just by skipping to and from work. You’re happily collecting badges to show off to your friends, because positive reinforcement is always in, and all the other fitness trackers look pretty boring anyway.



You know what you’re doing, don’t you? You started taking the stairs up to your office long before counting steps was even a thing, and you know that fitness trackers look way better on your ankles. You’re chugging protein shakes between your muay thai class and your daily 100 laps in the pool, and you try to smile when those Jawbone Up people tell you that they want to run with you sometime.

Yeah, we can go for a run. But I’m going for an extra 21km afterwards, just to make up for all that lost time.

Pebble Watch


You drink your cold-press coffee out of a GMO-free cup made out of cornflour, and recommend indie bands to your friends through Soundcloud from the comfort of your Etsy home office. You know more than anyone that the corporations have too much power, and it is your duty, as well as everyone else’s, to support the little guy. You only buy your clothes from artisans you’ve met at the local flea markets, and your electronics all come from Kickstarter campaigns.

But when you see someone wearing a Pebble Watch, you have to resist the urge to glare at them through your too-big grandma glasses. Poser. They probably bought theirs from Challenger.

Withings Activité


Your shirts are always perfectly pressed. Your shoes are so well-polished you can see your reflection in them when you look down past your manicured fingertips. Admit it: you’re a style guru, and while you probably keep to a strict regimen to maintain that sleek physique, you’d rather not lower yourself to those icky looking chunks of plastic they call a fitness tracker.

US$450? Totally worth it.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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