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We’ve all been on diets. In fact, some of us are probably on a diet right now! Whether we strive to lose 2kg or 20kg, we can all relate to the struggles we encounter in our weight loss efforts. The weighing scale that never budges, the clothes that don’t fit, and the mirror that never lies. It might be easier to throw in the towel, but nothing worth having comes easy.

This pretty much says everything about dieting (Image Credit: The Oatmeal)
This pretty much says everything about dieting (Image Credit: The Oatmeal)

However, nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it! Plus with technology at our fingertips, it just gets easier. Here are 5 mobile apps to help you keep track of your workouts and food intake. These apps will aid you in your weight loss journey so you can get into that Herve Leger dress or your new swimwear in time for holiday season!

1. MyFitnessPal

Image Credit: MyFitnessPal via Google Play
Image Credit:  MyFitnessPal

This calorie counter has 10 million downloads on Android. If that’s not enough, its food database has 3 million types of food, including global and Asian delights, so you don’t have to worry about finding your favourite char kway teow or roti prata. With the ‘easiest and fastest food entry’, you can save your favourite meals or add multiple items at once. One of its best features is the barcode scanner which lets you scan the barcode of a food packaging, so you can find the match in the MyFitnessPal food database.

This method also allows you to see the nutritional value and calorie content of the food. Another feature that is equally amazing is the recipe calculator which lets you calculate the nutritional values of your own recipes. The exercise database has 350 exercises including cardio and strength training, or you can always customise your own exercises. Available for free download on both Android and iPhone.

2. Endomondo Sports Tracker

Image Credit: Screenshot Endomondo
Image Credit: Endomondo

This app also has 10 million downloads. It’s like a personal trainer in your pocket, which is probably what makes it so popular. It allows you to track your activities, whether it’s running or kayaking. You can also record your stats or share a workout (inspire your friends to exercise with you!). With 25 million users, it also helps you remain social because you can exchange pep talks with friends.

Besides helping you keep track of your distance-based sport, you will also be able to receive audio feedback and analyse your performance with a diary. You can also choose to add a workout goal or join a challenge and win prizes. So, track your calories, distance, duration and speed in a fun and easy way. Download the app for free on both Android and iPhone.

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3. Fitocracy 

Image Credit: Screenshot Fitocracy
Image Credit: Fitocracy

With its unique content from over half a million users including coaches and nutritionists, you can tap on their expert knowledge to finally reach your next goal. Performance graphs help you keep track of all your activities, like most other fitness trackers.

What’s fun about this app is that every activity earns you points and you can claim badges for your achievements from FRED (Fitocracy’s Rewards for Exercise Droid). Fitocracy’s game-like elements also make tracking an enjoyable incentive. You can beat quests and slay the laziness dragon apart from earning points. You can follow other Fitocrats to gain inspiration and support which is also available on the Fitocracy website. Available for free download on both Android and iPhone.

4. DietPoint

Image Credit: Screenshot Diet Point
Image Credit: Diet Point

With over 130 diet plans to choose from, you can be sure there’s one that will suit your needs and goals. Based on this diet, the app helps you generate a shopping list. It helps keep you in check and on track with regular meal reminders, so you won’t skip meals, especially breakfast.

The app takes it a step further by including success stories from regular individuals who had also used the app to lose weight. There are lots of tips on weight loss and support from a close-knit online community. With an easy user interface and modern design, the app appeals to many people, especially women. People have reported that they have lost 50 pounds with the help of this app, so it’s something you can count on. The app is available for free download on Android and iPhone.

5. My Diet Coach

Image Credit: Screenshot My Diet Coach
Image Credit: My Diet Coach

Catering to women, this app makes losing weight simple. It also fuels your motivation and helps you stay committed. Motivational arguments help combat laziness and cravings, while notifications and reminders in the form of pictures and quotes keep you on track. The app also addresses common issues with weight loss such as emotional eating, food cravings and exercise laziness, among other aspects.

The ‘Panic Tips’ button ensures you don’t falter and is a clever method of appealing to users who might encounter slip-ups. By achieving targets, you get to redeem a virtual fashion item such as a pair of shoes to add to your collection. This feature makes it even more engaging and enticing to women users. The app is largely visually-configured, making it easy to use and interactive. Available for free download on both Android and iPhone.

With these apps, you can allay your worries and fears of not being able to meet your weight loss goals in time for the holidays. The apps are fun, motivating and informative, so you won’t miss a thing. No gimmicks involved, these apps produce only the best results. The best thing is, you can carry it with you anywhere, anytime!

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