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In our pursuit of the best hair, makeup or fashion tips, most of us turn to the video-sharing site we know best: YouTube, where quick and easy tutorials are aplenty. You might have noticed that the top few search results often belong to fashion/beauty gurus from the USA, the UK and the like. Undoubtedly, their tutorials are informative and helpful, but there are a few issues we Singaporeans may face: some products they introduce and/or use aren’t available in Singapore, and their styles and facial features differ greatly from ours.

Thankfully, we have our very own Singaporean fashion and beauty gurus on YouTube as well. Not only do they use products that are readily available in Singapore, the looks and styles they introduce are also more catered to our tastes. Here are 8 Singaporean fashion/beauty gurus you should check out on YouTube:

1. Jade Seah

Image Credit: youtube.com/user/jadeseahOFFICIAL
Image Credit: Jade Seah

The former model is famous for being the first runner-up at the 2006 Miss Singapore Universe pageant, and she now actively uploads videos every other week on YouTube for her very own online series ChicPeek. She shares her personal fashion tips, tutorials, DIYs and sometimes features her other fashionista friends.

One of her most popular videos shows you some tips on how to make your legs look longer. In fact, the video was so successful that she has since uploaded a second one with even more tips. Besides being able to relate to most Singaporean girls, the videos also show off Jade’s bubbly personality and great sense of humour.

Occasionally, she uploads funny videos where she asks people questions like, “What do Singaporean girls wear to clubs?” and “How to dress for a date?”

2. Naomi Neo

Image Credit: Naomi Neo
Image Credit: Naomi Neo

At 19 years old, Naomi is a well-known figure in Singapore. She has had her fair share of hate from Singaporeans, but lately, she has been receiving more thumbs-up in the virtual realm. Her YouTube channel, for example, is getting increasingly popular.

She does makeup tutorials, hair styling tutorials, and recently started giving advice and making fun videos like “The Boyfriend Tag”, where she answers questions together with her partner. With her ever-changing style and straight-talking personality, it’s no wonder her videos are a hit with viewers.

3. PRETTYSMART by TheSmartLocal

Image Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8MKPIR3UC8
Image Credit: TheSmartLocal

PRETTYSMART is a brand new online series on TheSmartLocal’s channel featuring Christabel Chua, who is more famously known on Instagram as @bellywellyjelly. So far, her everyday makeup tutorial, 25 hairstyle ideas, and “My Boyfriend does my Makeup” videos have garnered many views and likes. I thought her tutorials were easy to follow as she speaks eloquently. Her bright smile and girl-next-door personality also make her very relatable to viewers.

Image Credit: youtube.com/user/thesmartlocal
Image Credit: TheSmartLocal

4. Tried and Tested by Clicknetwork

Image Credit: clicknetwork.tv
Image Credit: clicknetwork.tv

This YouTube series features Oon Shu An, who introduces and reviews interesting beauty products in the market. This is a helpful channel for those who are unsure of what to buy, and how to use certain products. It is also great for those who would like an honest opinion before heading out to purchase a particular beauty product.

The series started way back in 2011, and to date, it remains one of the more popular local beauty channels on YouTube. Shu An speaks casually with hints of Singlish here and there, and lovingly calls her viewers “girlfriends” — which is probably why many can identify with her and choose to go to her for beauty tips.

Image Credit: clicknetwork.tv
Image Credit: clicknetwork.tv

Besides having a bubbly and lively host in Shu An, the content in the video series is also unique. Some of the more interesting videos see Shu An introduce beauty gadgets and beauty apps, while providing her honest opinions and ratings on them.

5. Adlina Anis

Image Credit: youtube.com/user/adlinaanis
Image Credit: Adlina Anis

Adlina Anis studied at Singapore’s Temasek Polytechnic School of Design, and went on to style for a number of lifestyle magazines. She prides herself on being the only Hijab-wearing individual currently working in Singapore’s mainstream fashion media.

Her YouTube channel is full of tutorials tailored to Hijab-wearing women. She teaches us different ways to style a hijab, how to create different looks like the ‘Arabian Princess’ look and the bridal look, as well as how to bring out and define one’s features using makeup.

Image Credit: Adlina Anis
Image Credit: Adlina Anis

Her tutorials are short and simple, with clear and concise instructions provided while showing close-ups of Adlina as she does her makeup. This allows for easy viewing and replication, making her channel a highly successful one. Most of her videos have as many as 30,000 views — and I say she deserves every view for all the effort she puts into making her videos.


Image Credit: youtube.com/user/puffedupcheeks
Image Credit: Karman

If you’re into Korean or Japanese looks, Karman’s YouTube channel has tutorials made just for you. Some of her popular videos include tutorials on how to achieve the Korean-style ‘Gradient Lips’, 6 different K-pop-inspired eyeliner looks and how to create the illusion of bigger eyes with makeup.

Being Singaporean, Karman shows off her effective bilingualism by including Chinese subtitles in some of her videos, sometimes even creating entire videos in Chinese. Good on her, because I think this is a great way to reach out to a wider group of viewers from all over the world.

She also has a blog, where she reviews beauty products that are not only of good quality, but pocket-friendly as well.

7. Fashbeautyclaire Bubbly

Image Credit: blog.myfatpocket.com/claireaudreylim
Image Credit: blog.myfatpocket.com/claireaudreylim

Claire Lim started making YouTube videos in May 2014, and has since gotten almost 2000 subscribers. Her laid-back personality and style makes her popular among Singaporeans who are looking for more down-to-earth fashion and beauty inspirations. Her videos include lookbooks that feature her outfits for different seasons (which is interesting because here in Singapore, we don’t actually have four seasons!), makeup tutorials, shopping hauls and DIYs.

Image Credit: youtube.com/user/clairelim1000
Image Credit: Claire Lim

8. Joie Tan

Image Credit: youtube.com/user/wheatrainbows
Image Credit: Joie Tan

She is more prominent as a local singer on YouTube, but she also makes beauty-related videos on her Funky Fridays series, where she does makeup tutorials, shopping hauls and gives fashion and style tips. This edgy girl has a distinct style and vibe, which is evident from her outfits and the backdrops used in her videos.

If you’re not that into makeup tutorials, you can always give some of her original songs and covers a listen — I highly doubt they’ll disappoint!

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