Jonathan Soon  |  Singapore
Published 2013-11-22 09:16:57

“Why are you crying? It’s only an orphan!”

A mixture of disbelief, distraught and overwhelming pity, clearly written all over the woman’s face as she relayed the poignant response, marks the start of this heart wrenching trailer.

When 22-year-old Brian Ivie started filming his 72-minute documentary, little did he know that this story would not only nab a couple of prestigious awards, but also launch an epidemic of awareness with regards to baby dumping throughout Asia.

And this would not have happened if not for Pastor Lee Jong-rak. A man with a mission to protect the neglected little ones in South Korea.

Watch the trailer below to see a sneak peak of Pastor Lee’s Drop Box, and how a piece of thick towel, some simple lighting and heating equipment, a sign that reads “Place to leave babies”, and plenty of love is all that is needed to change the life of one individual.

Some may say Drop Box will only promote baby dumping. Others may retort that this video is propaganda. However, will they also be able to utter the same phrase that Pastor Lee has so valiantly declared?

“God, I will die for these children.”

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