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Run out of things to say on that daily two hour Skype call with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

I know exactly how you feel.

Being in a long distance relationship is one of the hardest things you will do in your life.  But the things that are worth it will always be tough.

So you want to spend more time online with them but exhausted all your topics regarding your day, his day, the nasty colleagues at work and what you both ate for dinner? Here’s some tried and tested (by yours truly) ideas to keep you and your loved one entertained.

Watch it. Its pretty awesome.

1. Watch a drama series/anime/movie ‘together’

This is a great time killer. Have both people obtain the same version of something you both want to watch, count 3…2…1… and click, then start watching it at the same time. Pro tip: You might need earphones to filter out the noise as clicking at the same time does not guarantee it will run at the exact same time.

So fine, you can’t cuddle. But you can still exclaim, laugh and make comments together. It also helps if its an ongoing series, like an anime that comes out once a week. My boyfriend and I did this once and I remember the anticipation I felt every Sunday as we downloaded it and watched it together.

2. Cook

Pick a recipe together, go out and get all the ingredients, put your laptop somewhere in the kitchen (preferably not near the sink or stove), and see who comes up with the better dish! Of course, until they build an app that can transmit tastes, you’re the only person who’s going to be judging it. This is an added plus, as you get to practice your cooking skills before you actually have to serve it to them one day.

If you are looking for easy Asian recipes to get you started, you can check out Just One Cookbook or My Wok Life.

3. Karaoke

Blast a song on your speakers and sing along together to your favorite artists. Have him sing a song to you and you sing one back to him. It is a great exercise to overcome that fear of embarrassment in front of the other person early on in the relationship. If you’re too shy about singing in front of him because you’re afraid you’ll be out of tune, then you might want to work on your trust issues.

skype sing song

4. Buy him cake on his birthday

Go to your favorite cake shop, get a slice of cake and ask for a candle. Sometime in your Skype conversation, pretend to go to the toilet, get the cake and light the candle, turn out the lights and sing him a birthday song. Then happily devour the cake while he watches enviously.

5. Have weekly/monthly special dates

Again, it’s all about having something to look forward to. What we did was, on our monthly anniversary, we would have a ‘beer date’, meaning we would each go out and get a bottle of beer (different brand each time) and drink it together. Cheers! One month closer to being back in the arms of your loved one.

Express your creativity with this one to see what works. You could do a regular dress up for each other date, a recite your favorite poetry date, find the best food in town and eat it in front of each other date, the possibilities are endless.

6. Just chill

Silence doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. My partner and I have spent many a quiet hour with Skype on, each absorbed in our own novel, but enjoying the fact that there’s someone you like a lot keeping you company. You can almost feel him sitting right next to you, because, hey, he actually is sitting right next to you.

7. Plan your next trip to see each other

Set the date and book your plane tickets! Discuss and list all the things you’re going to do together, surf on the web for ideas about where you’re going to go and what you’re going to eat. Making a concrete plan allows you to set a countdown and just makes everything more bearable.

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