To celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday, Jetstar is doing something amazing. It's reuniting families and loved ones, all through a simple contest.

Jolene Hee  |  Singapore
Published 2015-04-08 12:52:27

This National Day will be a particularly meaningful one for Singaporeans: against all odds, our little red dot will soon be celebrating our 50th birthday in style. It’ll be especially poignant for those currently working or studying abroad, which is why Jetstar Asia is launching a heartwarming promotion to get you reunited with your loved ones for Singapore’s jubilee.

For SG50, Jetstar Asia has come up with a “Win A Trip Home For Your Loved Ones This National Day” contest. The name of the competition is pretty self-explanatory — by nominating your friends and family who’re living overseas, you might be able to win return tickets to Singapore for them. (If you’re the one staying abroad, you’re also able to nominate yourself.)

Jetstar Asia plans to select 25 of the most compelling entries for Singaporeans based in countries in the Asia-Pacific region, namely: Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Australia and New Zealand.

Image Credit: Today Online
Image Credit: Today Online

No matter where we’re scattered in the world, there’s no place like home, as Jetstar Asia CEO Barathan Pasupathi points out:

“Singaporeans have a strong sense of identity and when abroad, build vibrant communities where they live… Since 1965, National Day has been a grand display of national pride and this year will be particularly significant as Singaporeans pay homage to our founding fathers, pioneer generation and commemorate our progress as a nation.”

So if there’re any friends or kin that you’d love to spend National Day with together, you can submit entries here or through the Jetstar Facebook page. The nomination period is already under way and the contest will close on 26 April. All you or your nominee will need to do is answer this question: “Why should your nominee join the nation in our 50th birthday celebrations?”

It’s truly a meaningful way for overseas Singaporeans — a community more than 200,000 strong — to get the chance to return home as our nation marks a huge milestone in our history together.

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