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Since preorders for the Apple Watch began, there have been several announcements of Apple Watch apps being released, often adapted from existing iOS apps. We can’t yet see how all the apps will work, but thanks to websites like Watch Aware, we are able to get a sneak peek into some amazing apps lined up for us.

Here are the top 15 Apple Watch apps that we’re excited to try. While Apple Watch apps have a problem of being usable solely in the US, there are also some apps that we’re hoping to be able to use in Singapore.

1. Instagram

As one of the most popular social media sites, this is not unexpected. And nothing sounds more exciting than swiping through your Instagram feed on your smartwatch while on public transport, and tapping a photo to like it. It almost seems natural — though the screen may not do many photos justice.

2. Flipboard

Similar to Instagram, Flipboard sounds like the perfect app to be on a smartwatch. Swiping through updates on all your social media feeds, and tapping it to get summaries of news sounds refreshing on a morning commute — especially when you’re still too tired to actually read a whole news article. It’s limited to the top 10 stories only, but you can use Force Touch to save it for reading on your iPad or iPhone later, or send it to a friend directly.

3. Spottly


This app will make your Apple Watch a great travel companion. Instead of swiping through your phone furiously like a confused tourist, Spottly on Apple Watch is much more discrete. After saving your favourite locations in the Spottly iPhone app, the Watch app will alert you with a notification when you’re near the location, and lead you there with walking directions.

You’ll never have to look like a lost tourist again!

4. RemindMeAt

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 4.49.10 PM
This app works similarly to Spottly, but for your everyday life! The moment your phone’s GPS picks up that you’ve entered a location, it will instantly send you a notification that you set for yourself before. This could be something as simple as reminding you to buy eggs the moment you walk into a supermarket. The app seems to be a very pragmatic use for the Apple Watch’s notification system, and integrates seamlessly with your daily life.

5. Redeye

If Reddit is the front page of the Internet, then Redeye is like the headlines of the Internet. If you’re part of the Reddit community, then Redeye is the perfect tool to make sure that you keep up to date with practically everything you need to know about the happenings on the Internet.

6. Mint

This is a spin-off from the wildly popular finance iPhone app that helps you keep to your budget. And there really is nothing quite like a watch telling you how much you’re allowed to spend to help you keep to your budget. Tapping your spending directly into your watch also sounds much easier than recording it into your phone, which means you may actually keep track of your spending for once!

7. Uber

uber apple watch

This was one of the apps that was previewed at the Apple Watch event, and the idea of booking a car from your watch sounds like a concept straight from the future. True, taxis are still a preferred option for Singaporeans, but nothing quite like calling for an Uber car from your watch to make you feel like an absolute boss.

8. LetterZap

Games on the Apple Watch are pretty hard to craft, especially with such a tiny screen. Which is why LetterZap seems to work so well. The simple word-solving game where you have to form a word with all the letters available is simple, fuss-free, and not cramped at all. Perfect for a quick distraction.

9. Procreate Pocket


This app is the only one that has to be used alongside your iPhone, but the idea is so worth it. With this app, your Apple Watch basically turns into a tools palette, while your iPhone or iPad is transformed into a canvas to draw on. Talk about a transformed experience.

10. Spring

From the app that calls itself the “world’s first music streaming service for exercise”, the Apple Watch app will get you a fitness tracker and music player in one. The Apple Watch app will give you quick and easy access to your exercise data and music during workouts, without you having to fumble around with your phone.

11. LifeClock

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.55.59 PM
The concept behind this app is slightly terrifying, but may do your health wonders. It is a countdown to the number of years you have left in the world, based on your current lifestyle. Improving your lifestyle by getting more sleep or doing more exercise will increase the time you have in your life, while drinking too much alcohol or having late nights will decrease your lifespan.

It is a harrowing reminder of your own mortality, and a fitness/sleep tracker all in one. Brilliant.

12. 1Password


This is possibly the only password bank you will ever need. From anything in the offline world like the passcode to your luggage or front door, to the password to your phone, email, or SingPass — this is the one cyber-secure companion that you (and possibly your elderly parents) will require.

13. Evernote

evernote apple watch
From one of the most popular note-taking tools on desktop and mobile, the smartwatch app is the latest addition to the family. If you’re an Evernote user, you’d understand that Evernote is a lifestyle, and having it on a smartwatch only makes things that much easier — if the voice recognition tool works well enough.

14. Twitter

twitter apple watch
Microblogging is perfect for micro-screens, so this combination makes perfect sense. And there’s nothing as easy and frictionless as tweeting your thoughts directly through voice recognition.

15. WeChat/Line

This one doesn’t need much explanation. What better way to christen an Apple Watch than to receive and send a message to a friend?

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