Here are our favourite co-working spaces for entrepreneurs and workers in Singapore.

Cassandra Yeo  |  Singapore
Published 2015-05-14 15:26:01

Being on a tiny island with not much land to speak of, it can be hard for Singaporeans to each have their own working spaces, much less comfortable, roomy ones. But some locals are working to change that, by creating co-working spaces where individuals and startups can work from. Since the debut of HackerspaceSG — Singapore’s first co-working space — in 2009, many others have followed, leading us to wonder which are the most attractive and conducive spaces in town.

Here are 5 of our favourites:

1. Workhouse: The Homely, Nature-Inspired Space

Image Credits: http://www.sassysingapore.com
Image Credit: http://www.sassysingapore.com

Situated in the back alleys of Little India, Workhouse is one of the newest co-working spaces in Singapore. It was founded by K.Pawa, and offers a cosy, quiet place suitable for brainstorming and team-building activities.

To come up with the homely interior design of Workhouse, they collaborated with design company FARM, using beams to portray a raw, nature-inspired image, and sleek wooden furniture to create a comfortable, down-to-earth environment.

Image Credits: https://coworkify.com
Image Credit: coworkify.com

Workhouse also has an open terrace — a facility rare amongst co-working spaces. This is ideal for those who enjoy the warmth of being in the open, and is perfect for working in the evenings.

Image Credits: http://wearespaces.com/
Image Credit: http://wearespaces.com/

2. The Working Capitol: Revamp of the Old

Image Credit: http://www.urbanjourney.com
Image Credit: Jovian Lim (http://jovianlim.com)

Situated in a historical AIA building along Keong Saik Road, The Working Capitol is made up of a row of shophouses and features various facilities such as private offices and phone booths. Its clean, white-washed walls give off a professional, yet minimalistic feel that doesn’t distract users from their work.

Image Credit: http://sg.asia-city.com/
Image Credit: Jovian Lim (http://jovianlim.com)

The space also comes equipped with printing facilities and mailing services. One standout feature is its WorkShop room, which houses a 60-inch video display — ideal for users who need to host skill-building workshops and projects with up to 30 people.

Image Credit: http://www.honeykidsasia.com/
Image Credit: http://www.honeykidsasia.com/

The highlight, of course, is The Working Capitol’s very own café, which serves delicious-looking treats and light meals. You’ll never go hungry working at this space.

Image Credits: Picture on left taken from http://sg.asia-city.com. Picture on right taken from http://www.timeout.com/
Image Credits: (Top) http://sg.asia-city.com, (Bottom) Jovian Lim (http://jovianlim.com)

3. Woolf Works: For the Working Mom

Image Credit: http://www.cnbc.com/
Image Credit: http://www.cnbc.com/

Working women will delight in the relaxing, warm concept of Woolf Works, with its yellow window grills and cosy concept. According to founder Michaela Anchan, the women-only space was designed to be “a place to escape to from the craziness of the house.”

Users can make use of desk spaces that accommodate at least 6 people per table, and which come equipped with power outlets. There is also WiFi, printing facilities and free flow of tea and coffee provided.

Image Credit: http://woolfworks.sg
Image Credit: http://woolfworks.sg

The cosy-looking kitchen is stocked with appliances such as a hot plate, fridge and microwave. There are also a number of spacious meeting rooms known as The Den, where women can hold workshops, meetings and even photography classes.

4. The Hub: For Innovative Minds

This 2-year-old co-working space in Singapore is a pretty popular one, with close to 500 people working across 63 spaces worldwide. Despite the corporate-looking chairs and high ceilings, there is a very earthy element to this office, thanks to its wooden tables and orange-brown floors.

Image Credit: http://www.moneycircle.hk/
Image Credit: http://www.moneycircle.hk/

The Ground Floor is a clear testament to The Hub’s creative, innovative concept: with its bright lights and round tables, the area facilitates lively discussion and offers a happy office vibe.

Image Credit: http://singapore.impacthub.net/
Image Credit: http://singapore.impacthub.net/

Another facility that got our attention with its catchy name is the Hubbatron, an area meant to hold meetings of about 25 people.

Image Credit: http://singapore.impacthub.net/space/
Image Credit: http://singapore.impacthub.net/space/

5. The Co: The Classy, Multipurpose Workspace

Located in the bustling Central Business District, this 8-storey building boasts a black and white interior design, unlike the homely elements of Woolf Works or the innovative spirit of The Hub. It won the Singapore Design Awards for Design Excellence and commercial space.

Image Credit: http://www.indesignlive.sg/
Image Credit: http://www.indesignlive.sg/

The Co provides various types of meeting spaces like The Magnet Bar and Third Space, which cater to different needs. Booths for small discussions, and quiet areas where visitors can work in peace and solitude, are also available. The lounge allows for mingling over drinks and snacks.

Image Credits: http://www.indesignlive.sg/
Image Credit: http://www.indesignlive.sg/

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