The next time you want to binge-watch a series, don't waste your time downloading from torrents. Stream them online on these sites instead!

Ajay Madhukar  |  Singapore
Published 2015-05-22 12:37:10

If you’ve been patiently downloading your favorite series via torrents because you gave up hope on streaming them online for free. Think again!

Here’s a list of FREE streaming sites that you could use to follow your favorite character on Scandal.

TIP: Make sure you have an ad blocker installed on your browser to avoid opening up advertorial tabs every time you click on a link.

1. Stream Netflix US from anywhere for FREE:

All you need to do is visit Ivacy’s Netflix VPN page, where you can sign up for the service for FREE. Ivacy promises the fastest speeds in the world, and with its one tap connect you can unblock the entire Netflix catalogue as available in the US from anywhere in the world!

VPNpro has prepared a step by step guide on how to watch Netflix with a VPN. You can check it here.

2. Watch Series TV

Image Credit:watch-series-tv.to
Image Credit:watch-series-tv.to

Watch Series TV is a personal favorite of mine that I tend to visit on a daily basis. It’s very similar to the previous site. You can quickly be on your way of watching your series, as soon as you find your series through the search bar. Select the series and you can watch your episode through the sites that are provided.

The site provides other features through which you could choose to track the series, add links and you can even share what you’re watching with your social world. These are the features that I simply choose to ignore since what most of us want to do is just stream our TV series in peace.

3. Click Play

Image Credit:clickplay.to
Image Credit:clickplay.to

If speed is what you’re looking for when you’re trying to check out a particular episode of “Arrow”, then, you should give click play a try. You can click on the series from the home page, select your episode and then press play. It’s rather straightforward and that’s all that needs to be done.

4. TV Muse

Image Credit:tvmuse.com
Image Credit:tvmuse.com

TV Muse tends to make you work for the series that you’re about to watch (well, not really). Once you search for say, “Two and a Half Men”, you will be presented with all of the episodes for each season, once you click on any episode, you will be presented with a bunch of links that you have to pay for.

In order to avoid the paid links, you could scroll down to the comments section where other helpful users have posted links for streaming that particular episode. These comments are usually identified as spam but all you have to do is click on the “click here to show” and the streaming links will show.

tvmusecomment tvmusecomment2

If you’re interested you could even check out the reviews and the news, all of which are accessible for free.

5. Series Cravings

Image Credit: series-cravings.me
Image Credit: series-cravings.me

Even though there’s no search box on this, you could still search for your series by pressing Ctrl + F (Windows) or Command + F (Mac), in order to find your series. The site has tags that highlight if the series has come to an end (concluded or cancelled), or if it’s currently ongoing. This is really helpful if you want to know when there is a new episode that’s just out, or if you want to binge-watch a whole TV series that has already concluded. Select your episode and kick back.

6. Motion Empire

Image Credit: motionempire.me
Image Credit: motionempire.me

Motion Empire is a simple site that you could use to view series. It works similarly to the first two sites. You start of by searching for your series and then proceed to select your episodes. The advantage of this series is that a description is provided for each episode, so you could just continue from where you left of the night before.

The problem that I encountered with this site before is that it updates the episodes of a particular series slower than the first two options. However, it’s not an issue if you’re following an older episode.

And here you go, these are all the sites you need to stream all your favourite TV series without having to go through the burden of downloading torrents.

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