Create your very own fancy pair of shoes that truly represent you with this amazing 3D Shoe Design Engine by Christy Ng.

Ajay Madhukar  |  Singapore
Published 2015-05-25 16:53:38

In today’s world there are plenty of e-commerce sites, shops and stores, through which you could acquire any product that you’re looking for; whether it’s a pair of new shoes, hand bags, clothes, phones, etc. But the question still remains, do the products that you purchase represent who you truly are?

We live in a world where most products are mass produced, because there are millions of other people who are probably wearing the same clothes you’re wearing, driving the same car that you’re driving, and they’re probably walking in the same pair of shoes that you wear each day; how then do you distinguish yourself from the rest?

If you’re one of those people that have the credible need to be different, then you would put thought into what you wear and what you walk in because it matters how you look and it matters how you walk.

And that’s where Christy Ng plays an impressive role; they help you define how you walk—well rather, they actually help you “design” what you walk in.

Image Credit: ChristyNg
Image Credit: ChristyNg

If you didn’t already know, Christy Ng Shoes is an e-store that specialises in women’s footwear. The e-store is known to provide custom made shoes in order to cater to women with different shoe sizes and different requests. There is also an outlet at The Suites in Jaya One.

While that’s all good and dandy, they’ve recently released an even cooler service, their own 3D Shoe Design Engine that allows you to design your own pair of shoes based on your preferred style, color and fabric, texture, etc. You could design any pair of shoes that you fancy, really!

How Did It Come To Be?

All of this came to be after a bride from North Carolina (U.S.A) approached them on ChristyNg.com, in early 2013. She was looking for 9 pair of shoes for her bridesmaids and herself, and she had very specific requirements for each of the shoes.

Image Credit: ChristyNg
Image Credit: ChristyNg

Christy Ng’s 3D Shoe Design Engine caters to such women that have a unique design in mind that they’re looking for and the engine provides them with all of the possibilities to make their fantasy a reality.

Check out the video below to see how it works.

You’re able to visualise the shoe through the 3D Shoe Design Engine as it provides you with a 360-degree view, and the view is updated in real-time as you make changes to the type of heel, the color, and the accessories.

This is great when you’re dressing up for a themed party and you’re looking for a pair of shoes to match, for weddings, or for fun.

Christy Ng’s 3D Shoe Design Engine is a disruptive way of selling shoes in Malaysia, as it’s the first platform of its kind in Malaysia and in Southeast Asia. They hope to change the way women shop for shoes by allowing them to design exactly what they want.

So, what’s the point of store-hopping or browsing countless number of sites, when you could simply build what you’re looking for on ChristyNg.com?

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