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We sat with our eyes glued to the TV as everyone’s favourite jungle man Bear Grylls, brought us through epic 7 seasons of survival skills that included drinking human urine (his own), taking shelter in a dead camel, and munching on Yaks’ eyeballs to stay alive on Man vs Wild.

Meanwhile, the never ending survival reality game show Survivor, continues to keep the drama reel spinning around the world, led by the United States version of the show that now has 30 seasons and counting!

Image Credit: deadline.com
Bear Grylls, looking fearlessly into the unknown… or rather a camera lens. (Image Credit: deadline.com)

You’d think that by now we’d all have had our fill of jungle trials but it seems like the hype for wilderness survival TV is far from over. In fact, it just got even closer to home and the question is, would YOU be able to survive the wild—ALONE?

Image Credit: HISTORY™
Image Credit: HISTORY™

For the first time in Malaysia, HISTORY™ is giving you the chance to experience what it feels like to survive in the wild alone through the amazing Oculus Rift technology brought out in 4D. This one-of-a-kind experience will challenge your senses, as you hear the sounds of wildlife, grab hold of survival tools and be transported into a real-life simulation of the wild and untamed jungle!

Date: 13 and 14 June 2015 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time: 10am – 10pm
Location: Sunway Pyramid – LG1, Pyramid Concourse (old wing)

Modelled after the highly anticipated reality TV series ALONE, the experience is set to leave you at the edge of your seats and test your limits. Here’s an example of how this fantastic technology works:

ALONE is said to be the boldest and longest extreme psychological experiment ever attempted for television. With no camera crew, producers or support teams, 10 hard core survivalists endure the single mission to stay alive in the wilderness for as long as possible.

Image Credit: HISTORY™
Image Credit: HISTORY™

At stake is US$500,000 awarded to the one who can last the longest. ALONE will premiere on the 22nd of June and you can catch it on Mondays at 11pm (MY) on HISTORY™ (Astro Ch 555 & 575).

Come and take the challenge, and be a part of the Oculus Rift experience this weekend. We’ll be there!

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