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For all Muslims, the month of Ramadan is a significant one. A month of giving, a period of reflection, and a time to purify the body and mind. As Muslims around the world ready themselves to observe fasting throughout this period, modern technology has also stepped in to help make the month productive for all those practicing.

Here are some useful apps for almost every single aspect related to the holy month of Ramadan, be it waking up before dawn, making sure you’re getting enough nutrition for the day, keeping track of prayer times, or being home on time to break fast with your family.

Have a blessed and fulfilling Ramadan!

1. Muslim Pro

Credit: Muslim Pro App Store
Image Credit: App Store

The definitive app for all practising Muslims, it has useful tools like prayer timings for your location, a compass to indicate qiblat (direction in which one faces while in prayer) wherever you are, the Muslim calendar, and the Quran.

Available On: App Store and Google Play

2. Ramadan Legacy

Credit: Ramadan Legacy
Image Credit: Ramadan Legacy

Launched in 2015, Ramadan Legacy is a comprehensive app for the fasting month. It includes features like a journal for personal thoughts, a platform where you can share your Ramadan stories with other users, a knowledge library where you can learn about different topics, a Ramadan planner, and more.

Your Ramadan experience will then be captured and presented in a tasteful moodboard. Think Pinterest and Tumblr meetRamadan.

Available On: App Store and Google Play

3. Ramadan 2015

Credit: Ramadan 2015 Google Play
Image Credit: Google Play

Similar to Muslim Pro, Ramadan 2015 is a comprehensive guide to the holy month. Built with a clean, minimalist design, it allows users to navigate easily from the Ramadan Time and Calendar page to set an alarm to mark the breaking of fast. It’s easy to use, nice on the eyes, adaptable if you’re travelling, and can be used without Internet connection. Win.

Available On: Google Play

4. Mosques@SG


If you’re looking to break fast at a certain mosque, or are simply searching for the nearest one to do your prayers, this is the solution. It’s incredibly handy as well if you are someone always on the go: wherever you are, Mosques@SG gives you local prayer times and maps out the mosques for your locality and convenience.

Available On: App Store

5. MyFitnessPal


Going without water and food during the day means lacking the usual amount of nutrients. Keep track of what you’re eating each day with this nifty app that calculates your calories. Key in what you ate into the app — whether it’s chicken rice or Campbell soup — and the database automatically turns up all the info (yup, even Indomie).

Available On: App Store and Google Play

6. Ainun

Credit: http://ainunapp.com/
Image Credit: ainunapp.com

Meaning ‘eyes’ in Arabic, Ainun is essentially a photo app that allows you to beautify your pictures with embedded weather forecasts, location tagging, words in calligraphy font, and the sorts. A little bit hipster, it would be a fun project to document your Ramadan month with Ainun, we think.

Available On: App Store and Google Play

7. Zakat.SG

Credit: zakat.sg
Image Credit: zakat.sg

Zakat is an important act Muslims perform during the month, and is the determined share of wealth prescribed to be distributed to those entitled to receive it. There’s a lot of confusion on how much exactly a person must donate, and the Zakat calculator might assist with that.

Available On: App Store

8. Ramadan Achievements


For most Muslims, Ramadan is the time to make right, and do good to the people around you. Ramadan Achievements can help you keep track of your good deeds. From breaking fast with your parents to giving some food to your neighbour, feel good about such deeds and get inspired to do more.

Available On: Google Play

9. iQuran


In Islamic tradition, Ramadan was the month the Quran was first revealed, so many Muslims take this opportunity to recite the holy book throughout the month. The app offers the full text and audio of the Quran, including the English translation.

Available On: App Store and Google Play

Bonus: GrabTaxi/MyTransportSG

Remember to schedule your commute so you can be on time to break fast with your family or friends. It’s always nice to end a whole day of fasting with some warm company.

GrabTaxi: App Store and Google Play

MyTransportSG: App Store and Google Play

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