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One of the most followed YouTube channels in Singapore is none other than Night Owl Cinematics. Founded by Ryan Tan and Sylvia Chan, the YouTube channel has over 355,000 subscribers, and has amassed an astonishing 55 million video views to date. Husband Ryan is in charge of editing and directing all the videos on the YouTube channel, while Sylvia produces and handles scripting, and acts in most of the videos.

NOC YouTube channel. Notice any similarities from the top videos on the channel?
NOC’s YouTube channel. Notice any similarities from the top videos on the channel?

In a teaser video by On The Red Dot — a show put together by MediaCorp — newscaster Cheryl Fox had the opportunity to interview both Ryan and Sylvia on how the two of them met. It turns out that the love story, as On The Red Dot puts it, involves a loser ex-boyfriend, a bottle of perfume, and a sly trick.

Here’s a transcription of the show:

Sylvia: One day, I broke up with my ex-boyfriend, and it turns out that he actually stole some of my money, so he owes me a very big debt. And then I was trying to get the money back, so I asked Ryan, who was just a normal friend, for help, because he looked more “gangster”, and I thought I could get my money back.

Sylvia: Ryan came along, and then me and my boyfriend fought and he didn’t want to give my money back. So me and Ryan went to try to get my money back. It turned out that my ex-boyfriend was a cowardly little freak, and he brought his entire family just to intimidate me into not returning my money.

ryan sylvia

Ryan: So I just kinda told the parents that if I have a son like that, I will be very upset. Something like that but I said it in a much meaner way. After that they still tried to make a lot of excuses not to pay the debt back and I just said “ok lah you just keep the money for your funeral” and I just took her hand and walked away.

Sylvia: So gangster!

Ryan: After that we went to a police station to make a report for her and then we went to eat lunch.

Sylvia: Prawn Noodle

ryan sylvia prawn noodle

Ryan: At a kopitiam, it’s nothing fancy. That was like our first date that I can remember.

Sylvia: It was actually not a date, but he keeps telling people it’s our first date.

Ryan: What happened after that was, because she doesn’t stay in Singapore (she’s a Malaysian), I had to drop her off at the checkpoint for her to go home. Before the long tedious journey to the customs, we stopped by at my home, where she came by (but nothing happened). After I sent her to the checkpoint, I reached home and found this perfume bottle in my room. I was like “eh what is this perfume bottle, maybe she left it here. Since we have a common friend, I wanted to pass it to our common friend to pass it back to her (Sylvia). The common friend said “I’ll call you back in a while”. After that she (the common friend) called me back and told me that I have to return by myself.”

Ryan: So I told her (Sylvia) that I have her perfume bottle and I needed to meet her and return the bottle. When I met her, that’s when we got together and started dating.

Ryan: When we got married, on the day of our marriage, the common friend got so drunk, and she went “Ryan! I got something to tell you!”. So she told me that Sylvia left the perfume bottle there intentionally and she asked me not to take it back from you so that you will see her again.

ryan sylvia

Ryan: I was like “Wow!” this was like a setup! It was kind of shocking but amusing when you come and think about it.”

So that was how the duo got together and then married at 22.

And like they say, they lived happily ever after.

You can watch the short interview teaser below (and the full interview on Friday, 9.30pm on MediaCorp Channel 5):

NOT YOUR TYPICAL LOVE STORY – this one involves a loser ex boyfriend, a bottle of perfume and a sly trick. The founders…

Posted by On The Red Dot on Tuesday, June 16, 2015


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