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Published 2014-04-25 14:30:55

One of the core themes we cover here on Vulcan Post is mobile, particularly mobile apps. Why? Because almost everyone owns a smartphone nowadays. From the weirdest dating app to the latest mobile shopping marketplace, we like to keep a keen lookout for the latest innovative mobile apps.

We came across a recent video by Singapore YouTube Channel Ryan Sylvia and we thoroughly loved it!

The video, called 7 Awesome Apps We Wish Existed was published earlier this week and has so far garnered almost 150,000 views.

Here are the contents taken from the video (all image and content credits are entirely Ryan Sylvia‘s):

7 Awesome Apps We Wish Existed

wish 1


Time Freeze

time freeze 2

wish 2

girl 1

girl 2

girl 3

girl 4

girl 5

girl 6

wish 3

date 1

date 2

date 3

date 4

date 5

wish 4

OL 1

OL 2

OL 3

OL 4

wish 5

xray 1

xray 2

xray 3

x ray 4

wish 6

whis 1

whis 2

whis 3

wish 7

tele 1

tele 2

tele 3

tele 4

tele 5

tele 6

tele 7

So there you have it, the 7 awesome apps the NOC team wish existed. We can’t decide which app we like most among the seven, and we can’t wait until the team release their next video!

Here’s the full video:

Which app do you like best?enablejsapi=1&html5=1&

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Content Credit: Ryan Slyvia

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