GetKlarity wants to be the beauty booking app you can trust — and with 20K users in beta, they may actually do it.

Liang Hwei  |  Singapore
Published 2015-06-26 17:53:30

[Editor’s Note]: GetKlarity has clarified that they have attracted over 20,000 beauty and wellness lovers to their sites, all of whom aren’t necessarily users of the app. The facts have been amended in the title and the article. 

We’ve covered quite a few beauty booking apps in the past, and it’s clear that these days, the competition in this scene is high. So with the entrance of GetKlarity, a beauty booking app that at face value seems like just another stone thrown into the metaphorical pond, you can’t be sure that they’re going to bring anything new to the table.

But what other beauty booking apps lack in reliability and differentiation, GetKlarity makes up for in trustworthiness and a strong (and growing) community.

The app, founded by local entrepreneur Joelle Pang, is due to be launched in July, and promises instant and private bookings for treatments. The experience of GetKlarity, according to Pang, has been tailored to fit the spa and salon experience to the lives of Singapore’s busy women — from getting rid of awkward phone call confirmations, to simplifying the process of rescheduling of appointments.


The concept is this: everything that needs to be settled before the actual appointment is done through the app alone. The app itself holds all the details of the bookings made, and you can make bookings with instant confirmation via a calendar-based view of all available slots. Reschedules can be done through the app, with every available time slot for that salon visible to the user immediately.

If you’re in urgent need of a haircut, or have some time to burn, the app can also suggest beauty and wellness services near your location in real time, and even offer time-based promotions.

“I believe in empowering people to be confident, through the way they look and how they feel about themselves,” says Pang. “My vision for GetKlarity is to make taking care of yourself so easy it fits right into your busy schedule, by creating a platform that takes the guess-work out of discovering the best spas and salons, and empowering you to book them instantly so that you actually get to enjoy the ‘me-time’ you deserve.”

Founder Joelle Pang (right) with GetKlarity Magazine Editor-in-chief Yina Goh
Founder Joelle Pang (right) with GetKlarity Magazine Editor-in-chief Yina Goh

Though GetKlarity is currently only in beta phase on Android, trustworthiness and community has become the strength that may help it knock other competitors out of the market. For one, it has a distinct voice in its editorial page, GetKlarity Magazine. This is partially thanks to the leadership of beauty and lifestyle influencer Yina Goh, who’s also the founder of local blogshop TheVelvetDolls. They’ve also shared with Vulcan Post that their staff personally review each business, providing strict curation and honest ratings for each of its more than 120 spa outlets listed.

The success of GetKlarity’s beta is clear: in six months, they’ve gathered the support of 20,000 beauty and wellness lovers. In an industry where scams and sleaze are a prominent issue, GetKlarity may be the only booking app truly aiming for disruption.

getklarity website

There are a few kinks to this goal — in my attempt to review the beta app, it was often buggy and crashed repeatedly. While they have lofty hopes, an app unprepared for their scale of growth would surely impede their progress.

Potential: 4/5


Though only in beta, GetKlarity has already gathered a big community around them. If they can address their beta-phase technical problems, it will definitely bring something new to the already saturated beauty booking app industry.

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