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So a month of fasting has passed, and with Hari Raya coming up this Friday — yup, no more weekends left — you are suddenly presented with the reality of what the end of Ramadan brings. And also, you’re not quite prepared yet: to handle hoards of family members and their extensions, to provide the many visiting mouths with all the cookies and snacks you can make, to look nice and at least presentable so you will be showered with the blessings of aunties and makciks going Eh cantiknya baju (eh your clothes very nice)!

Which is why the online world, ever so vast, ever so omnipresent, is going to be a useful tool for all the last-minute planners out there. From cookies to plastic containers, everything about your Eid is going to be okay.

How To Dress Well

Some people get their baju ready months and months in advance, and that’s a bit crazy. And if you missed out on your favourite tailor taking in your order, it’s all right — just hit high street fashion. The much anticipated collection of UK fashion designer Hana Tajima at Uniqlo looks good enough to wear on Hari Raya.

It features some very good looking, well-cut pieces (even a kebaya!), and all you have to do is prance into the nearest Uniqlo store to get your outfit ready. Check out the collection here.

Image Credit: My Fairylights FB
Image Credit: My Fairylights’ Facebook page

All Of The Lights

Screw fancy chandeliers and shiny candelabras, we could definitely do without some flashy nonsense this Eid (and any Eid for that matter). Switch the glitzy to something simple and charming — decorative fairy lights.

Only available during Ramadan, My Fairylights have all the colours and and shapes you can imagine, from rattan hearts to the standard cotton balls in bold colours and pastels. Drop them a message on Facebook if you are brimming with questions — or walk right to their booth at the Paya Lebar night market.

Image Credit: Miura FB
Image Credit: Miura’s Facebook page

In Bloom

Now that your house is all clean and shiny — usually a collective effort from the whole family — take it up another notch and adorn it with flowers.

Now, if you’re gonna grumble about how fresh flowers don’t last long, the folks at Miura are way ahead of the curve. Besides their really lovely fresh flower arrangements, they are equally adept at whipping something up with faux flowers — those are pet friendly, and never in need of water. Keep tabs on their Facebook page — they update quite regularly on what you can expect in-store.

Image Credit: IKEA Singapore FB
Image Credit: IKEA Singapore’s Facebook page

Scandinavian Shuffle

Ah, the trusty IKEA. Ramadan controversy or not, you cannot deny how convenient and useful their existence is. From a big ass couch to some pillows to spruce up the living room, this place has everything you need for your Hari Raya makeover. Just a tip: get your shopping list ready before your trip so you can get all the purchasing done in time for iftar.

Image Credit: Toyogo FB
Image Credit: Toyogo’s Facebook page

Box Office Hit

Since we’re on the topic of furniture, how about some storage space solutions? You could always do with another plastic container, eh? Singapore’s #1 choice: Toyogo. And partly because they run such a good marketing campaign on their Facebook page.

Image Credit: halalfoodhunt.com FB
Image Credit: halalfoodhunt.com’s Facebook page

A Feast For Kings

Now, what is Hari Raya without the food. From meal plans, listing of where and what to order, Hari Raya catering services, and a huge selection of bakes, cakes and cookies to fancy disposable cutlery, Halal Food Hunt is a useful resource for everything to do with the post-Ramadan feasting month and beyond. No sweat.

To a fuss-free, modest, and enjoyable Aidilfitri, you’re all set. Now go forth, and start doing your planning! You can be lazy all you want but that cake ain’t gonna order itself.

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