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From the makers of the ever-popular Subway Surfers, Blades of Brim by SYBOS is an amalgamation of everything you would ever want in a mobile game. A fast-paced endless runner that doubles as a combination battle system and takes place in a gorgeous highly styled world full of alternating epic dungeons and space portals.

Be warned, this is a load of fun and it is highly addictive, be ready.

The Multiplier Effect

In Blades of Brim it’s all about the multiplier. It doesn’t matter how far you run or how many monsters you kill, if you don’t increase your multiplier, your score will always be limited.

A couple of steps to ensure your multiplier always stay high is to upgrade your gear. Brim has some gorgeous looking gear in the form of weapons, armor and pets. Max out the levels to increase a bonus multiplier for the strongest gear you have currently equipped. Collecting all of the same type of armor will also increase your multiplier effect.

Keep an eye on your combos as well as it will add on to your multiplier. The combo counter appears at the top middle of your screen and it counts the number of goons in a row that you kill, the bigger the combo the higher the points. You will generally get the highest combos after a dungeon run so one thing you can do to maintain your combo count is to extend it by summoning your pet and by doing wall runs. Take out as many monsters as you can to increase your combo count.

The Goonies


Blades of Brim is filled with purple minion type monsters known as goons, that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all intended to impede your process. Remember Goonies never say die and neither should you!


Goons are easy to spot and the most basic of them can be killed with either a sideswipe or a forward attack roll. Goons with a shield and helmet will take two hits to kill.



The flappers or flying goons will need to be taken out with a jump attack. Use these goons to traverse higher platforms or get across areas by jumping across them.


Looters will be carrying either a large bag of gold or a bag of essence, they run very fast but when they stop they can be killed like any other goon. These guys appear randomly but will always spawn in the tunnel above a cave.



Wizards are the worst. They run away like Looters but they summon a bunch of other goons to block your path as they do. Just catch up to them and swipe away!



The Crusher takes up two lanes and can easily end your run with one fell swoop. The trick is to avoid the lane that he’s holding his hammer in to avoid his swipe and then slide into him to knock him back. Rinse and repeat.

Wizards and Crushers are never found in dungeons so if you have to clear a mission with them just stay in the outside world. It’s also not mandatory for you to kill all the monsters you encounter, if you want to they’re fairly easy to avoid with Golden Wings and Wall Runs.

Gotta Stash Em’ All

Unstashed loot is like no loot at all. All the loot you collect will only be obtained upon death if you run through a stash point. The map on the right hand side will indicate the location of stash points. So if you’re close to a stash point and have a lot of gold, essences or even a treasure chest it might be worth the essence points to just revive yourself and keep going.

If you’re in a tough area and death seems imminent but you’d like to try and save your loot, you can also summon your pet. Not only does your pet have nifty attack skills and a double-jump ability that may protect you, but it also gives you an extra life if you die (the pet dies as well, but sacrifices must be made for loot).

Get High


The higher you go up in the game the greater the rewards are. Dungeons at the higher levels carry excellent loot but be careful as goons there will be much tougher. Your best bet would be to just knock them off the lane if you can.

You can get high by using walls and jumping on flappers, while running on a wall you can swipe upwards and towards the path to get more height. Flappers as well if timed correctly can boost you up, but it’s a somewhat tricky skills and may take you a few attempts to get used to it.  You can summon your pet as well to get high, as they have the double-jump ability.

Rune Away!


Runes are spread randomly across the world and after collecting 5 you’ll be transported to a space portal world filled with coins! Note that the 5th rune you collect will have a shiny portal behind it so you know when you’ll be teleported. You can’t die in this stage and it’s a welcome relief, so if you’re in a tight spot remember to Rune Away!

Blades of Brim was released as an iOS exclusive but has recently been announced that it will be published soon on Android.

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