This startup wants to supercharge your lifestyle with a world of privilege—but only for a selected few.

Ajay Madhukar  |  Singapore
Published 2015-09-10 18:35:18

If you like living life in the fast lane and if you love the finer things of life, then this is the platform that you should definitely try getting on.

Bespoke is a private and invite-only membership that focuses on helping individuals accomplish their goals, they serve as an unparalleled gateway of cultural, professional and social experiences.

Amy the CEO of Bespoke Kuala Lumpur said, “Bespoke literally means ‘made to order’. We wanted to create a product that was tailor-made and dedicated to helping individuals supercharge their lifestyle.”

Image Credit: Bespoke
Image Credit: Bespoke

Unlike other platforms, you can’t just download this app or sign up at a website to be part of its community. The sign up process is much more exclusive, in fact, this platform is only looking for a shortlisted group of 500 selected individuals that make up the ‘discerning’ few in Kuala Lumpur, with plans of expanding to Singapore and Melbourne.

At the time of this writing, according to the website, over 4,500 people are on the waitlist but so far only 21 people have been selected to be on Bespoke. Each applicant is vetted through a highly competitive process and only the best of the best, the top of the top, and the cream of the crop, are given the privilege to be part of Bespoke.

bespoke waitlist

The Bespoke team are looking for high-spending Millenials—the tastemakers, the influencers, and the ones who view the world through a different set of lenses—basically, they ONLY cater to people that can make stuff happen.

Once you eventually make it through the competitive vetting process into the Bespoke circle, you’re given access to a dedicated concierge line along with a long list of perks like invites from exclusive closed-door parties, secret launches, benefits from premium retailers, supercar meetups and an ability to meet like-minded people through their signature events.

The key here is personalisation and uniqueness because the lifestyle managers will customise your profile according to your own preferences. Therefore no two members will enjoy the same experience on Bespoke.

Image Credit: Bespoke
Image Credit: Bespoke

Think of their dedicated concierge line as a team of highly trained individuals that only cater to fulfilling your whimsies. Each member will be given an exclusive metal card with an inscribed number, and this trained team of individuals will handle everything from your last minute reservations, to your luxury travel needs and they are even able to plan your events. They can do anything that you need them to do, as long as it’s legal of course.


It’s also important to note that Be Lazee (a personal concierge service also commonly known as Be Malas) is currently backing up Bespoke. With regards to their partnership, Amy said, “Bespoke is a lifestyle management service that harnesses Be Lazee’s extensive knowledge of the concierge industry to handle requests from our members. We serve completely different target audiences.”

Bespoke Is Already Among Us

This all came to be when Amy was back in Manhattan, New York in April. One night, while she was having wine and tapas with her friends, they began discussing about the need for an easier way to meet people outside of their immediate social circles, people who are like-minded that they can share their once-in-a-lifetime experiences with.

Now, if you’re just an average Joe that’s willing to pay someone a base price of RM25 to fetch you a box of donuts, then you can make do with Be Lazee/Be Malas.

Image Credit: Bespoke
Image Credit: Bespoke

But if you happen to be one of the many talented individuals across Malaysia and you are looking to expand your network and indulge in lavish and exclusive experiences, then this definitely would tickle your interest.

Matter of fact, take a look around KL, look at all the exclusive speakeasies and chic coffee places that are magically popping up. Amy said, “Bespoke, as a lifestyle, is actually already here in KL, we’re just the conduit to help organise these better.”

Just so you know, my editor and myself are two of the 4672 (current number displayed on the website) people who are on waitlist at the moment. I’m pretty sure that we won’t be making it in. But perhaps you will have better luck than us, go ahead and try by joining the waitlist here.

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