[SHOCKING] 70% of Singaporeans are currently looking for a job

Job sites must have been booming in recent years: according to a survey carried out by human resources consultancy firm Hudson in November last year, over 70% of Singaporeans are currently looking for a job and some 40% have job hopped in the last 2 years.

The survey also pointed out that a majority of the 1,292 employees surveyed stated “wanting a higher pay” and “stronger managerial leadership” as the key reasons for wanting to leave their current workplace. 74.3 percent of employees would also reject a job offer if they think the manager is below average.

Image Credit: The People Group
Image Credit: The People Group

Now, I’m not exactly a math wizard but here’s some food for thought. If 70% of Singaporeans are fed up with their bosses (which also means that 70% of mentors sucks and are not doing their job right), wouldn’t there be a higher than 50% chance that the boss at the new job would be below average too?

Where are all the good mentors then?

All hope is not lost though, as the survey (covering 477 employers) also revealed that 60.4 percent of managers would prefer to take leadership training in place of a standard pay rise.

So is corporate training the next big Singapore business idea?

A long time civil servant certainly thinks so. Civil servant Loh Mun Yew has been working for IDA, a government agency overseeing Singapore’s Internet and digital media industry.

Tech in Asia wrote that based on Loh’ observations in the tech industry, a pressing problem in the enterprise space lies in corporate training. While many companies rely on traditional classroom instruction to train employees, much of the information is lost once the salesforce heads out into the field. So to aid knowledge retention, it could be useful to have a service for employers to feed training materials to workers through a native app installed on their personal mobile devices.

Whether your new resolution is to change your job or maybe it is to become a better leader, here’s how to do it right according to the internet.

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