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Today, all primary and secondary schools in Singapore were shut down. The crook behind the closure is — you guessed it — the haze. That’s right, the 24-hour PSI reading skyrocketed to over 300, a level considered hazardous. It’s gotten so bad that fast food chains like McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut have suspended their delivery service. Even the GCE ‘O’ level practical examination for Music, which was supposed to be held today, was rescheduled to Tuesday, September 29, 2015.

It doesn’t look like the air quality is going to let up anytime soon, which is why here at Vulcan Post, we’ve come up with a listicle on the most popular apps to take up arms against the dreadful haze condition. Make sure you scroll to the bottom, because we saved the best for last! Arm yourselves with masks, folks.

1. Nebulo

Image Credit: Nebulo

Not to be confused with Nebula, the Marvel alien super-villain. Made in Singapore, Nebula Nebulo (dang it!) is an app that’s designed to keep you in the loop with the haze condition. Available on the Apple Watch, it shows the temperature and an explanation of what the air quality is like. Unlike most haze apps, Nebulo focuses on PM2.5 readings instead of the PSI. Find out why.

Download the app on the App Store or Google Play.

2. Weatherlah

Image Credit: Weatherlah

Here’s an app with a Singlish spin. Like Nebulo, Weatherlah prides itself on having a clean and easy-to-use interface. An all-rounder app, it informs you of approaching rain, rise in PSI levels and extreme weather warnings. Its Crowdsourced Weather feature is refreshing; the app relies on its communities to update the weather forecast. It’s also accessible on the Apple Watch.

Download the app on the App Store.

3. Haze Singapore (HSg)

12032311_10153794267759610_1864723369_nHere’s another minimalist and functional app to help you combat the haze. Haze Singapore (HSg) features PSI level readings, push notifications on dangerous PSI levels and allows you to share the results on Facebook. It’s developed by FYDEM Pte. Ltd., the same company that brought you Mondo Mio and Truffle Gourmet.

Download the app on the App Store or Google Play.

4. Haze@SG

Image Credit: Haze@SG

If you like cutesy animation, you’ll like this app. Haze@SG allows you to access both 3- and 24-hour PSI, understand what the current PSI means and share the results with your “friends and family and keep them informed and safe”. It’s also updated to an integrated air quality reporting index (PM2.5).

Download the app on the App Store or Google Play.

5. Singapore Haze PSI Monitor

Image Credit: Singapore Haze PSI Monitor

Singapore Haze PSI Monitor is packed with a cool gauge feature. The readings are based off the NEA’s findings, and the app allows you to choose between AQI PM2.5 or NEA’s 3-hour PSI standards. It has automatic updates and customisable notification of PSI levels, sound and vibrate settings. The widget changes its colour according to the air quality index, to boot.

Download the app on Google Play.


Image Credit: SG PSI

SG PSI is another haze app that relies on the NEA for its air quality data. If you’re a fan of  SG KOI, SG Gong Cha and SG Bill, you’ll probably like this.

Download the app on Google Play.

7. Singapore Haze Watch (PSI)

Image Credit: Singapore Haze Watch (PSI)

If graphs speak to you, then this is the haze app you want. Singapore Haze Watch’s noteworthy features include: fetching and storing 24-hour data so that you can do a comparison reading over several days, and modifying the frequency of data synchronisation based on your preferences.

Download the app on Google Play.

8. SG Weather

Image Credit: SG Weather

So far, we’ve introduced you to gauges and graphs. Now, we have maps. SG Weather’s nifty features include: a 7-day forecast, a radar map, a raining cloud radar map in animation, weather information like humidity, wind, sunrise and sunset, moon phase and tide, and a raining cloud movement prediction. Overwhelmed? So are we.

Download the app on Google Play.

9. Singapore Weather

Image Credit: Singapore Weather

The developer of this app must be easily fascinated by the weather; they have over 20 weather apps designated to each country! If you like “simple and intuitive features for easy access to data”, consider giving Singapore Weather a go.

Download the app on Google Play.

10. PSI

Image Credit: PSI

This app sends you an alert once the PSI hits 100. Interestingly enough, the free app has no ads running in the background. This definitely wins a couple of brownie points.

Download the app on Google Play.

Bonus: No Bullshit PSI Estimates

Image credit: Originally US
Image Credit: Originally US

Are our eyes playing tricks on us? The name of this app alone reminds us of the humour of it all. Hop on over here to check out the full site.

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